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Lifestile: Uganda Baati Launches ‘Climate Smart’ & Game-Changing Roofing Product

Lifestile, a premium stone coated roofing product, being launched

Uganda Baati Limited, a member of the Safal Group and one of Uganda’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality steel building solutions,  has launched a new ‘climate smart’ product called Lifestile.

Speaking at the launch event held at Serena Hotel in Kampala on Monday evening, the State Minister for Urban Development, Kania Obiga, who presided over the launch as Chief Guest, described the product as “a tile for life.”

He said the innovation provides quality competition in the market and that it gives the population options to choose from, making it cheaper to afford and aid the government in achieving quality housing for Ugandans.

“The population needs affordable but environmentally friendly products. 5.2% of our population is moving to urban areas. We are increasing by about 3% every year. So, part of the solution is innovation such as this; Lifestile. Innovate on local products using local materials,” Kania said.

Uganda Baati Limited Board Chairman, Dr. Alan Shonubi said: “This is the Mercedes Benz of tiles.Use it so that when the next generation of children are born, they are born under this tile.”

Speaking at the same event, George Arodi, the Uganda Baati Chief Executive Officer/Head of Business, described the product as sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

“We are known for quality. When we present to you something, it has really gone through the test of the market. We are revolutionizing the housing sector,” Arodi said.

He added: “This product articulates the green energy, is of light weight, saves the environment and is elegant. We looked around the country and couldn’t find this kind of product. We had to innovate. Lifestile is the product.”

Sateesh Kumar, Uganda Baati’s Head of Sales described the company’s new addition to the hardware stores as a lifestyle product.

According to Anthony Ng’abg’a, the Chief Marketing, Communication and External Affairs Director, Safal Group (the parent company of Uganda Baati Limited), the company spent Shs15 billion in the plant that is making lifestile. Previously, he said the product was being imported from New Zealand.

“We are redefining excellence. We strive to give you more than what you come to us for. This is going to be a clear definition of what we stand for,” Ng’ang’a said.

Uganda Baati’s Marketing Manager, Macklean Kukundakwe, said the  product is not just new, but it’s extraordinary.

“It’s a game-changing product.  This is a very high quality aluminum and zinc coating. It is a longer lasting brand. It is light weight. It will not weigh down on your structure…It is safe for rain water harvesting. It’s environmentally friendly. This product will not fail. This is a premium product. We are set to redefine premium with an extraordinary product.  This is a revolutionary product,” Kukundakwe said.

Steven Kalibala, a Board Member of the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) who represented the Association’s Board Chairman, and the Executive Director, pledged total support to Uganda Baati.

“We hope that more companies can learn from you,” Kalibala said.

The Chairman, Construction and Hardware Dealers Association, Hajji Abas Mutyaba, said: “This is what we have been waiting for. When we traveled, we saw this product in other countries and asked when we would have such a product. We would say, ‘can we bring this home?’ Thank you for this product.”


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