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Kidnappers Demand Shs 5.5 Million Ransom For LC V Chairperson’s Nephew

Unidentified people are holding Godfrey Muwonge, the nephew of Bukomansimbi district LC V chairperson for ransom. The suspected kidnappers reportedly grabbed Muwonge from Bulenge village in Bigasa parish around 8 pm on Sunday night on his way home.

Witnesses say two men jumped out of a Premio car parked by the roadside and grabbed Muwonge. He tried to fight back by his attackers subdued him and threw him in the vehicle before speeding off. His uncle, Fredrick Kayiira Nyenje, the Bukomansimbi district LC V chairperson, says at first, they thought he had been taken by security.

He says that they searched for him in different police stations until Thursday when they

received a call from his captors demanding a ransom of Shillings 5.5M to release him. According to Nyenje, Muwonge’s captors used his phone number to call his wife demanding a ransom or else they end his life should the family fail to honour their demands.

Muwonge’s wife says that she is living in fear and spends sleepless nights because she is too poor to raise the ransom money. She says that the kidnappers gave them a brief moment to speak with Muwonge to confirm he was alive.

Robert Barigye, the Officer in Charge of Bigasa police station, confirmed the incident, saying that they are trying to locate Muwonge’s whereabouts. He appealed to the family members to collaborate with police in their ongoing operation to track the captors.


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