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Key Questions To Ask Before Starting A Farming Business

Farming is a good business but one must make enough research before joining the business

A fool and his money are soon parted, says the old proverb. I chose to start with this proverb because a number of people are ignorantly and foolishly losing money in farming. This is not to say that there’s no money in farming. Farming is actually a good and lucrative business, but you must invest in an agribusiness enterprise after making thorough research. One must also know that farming just like any other business isn’t risk free.

This means any beginner should start small and expand slowly as they learn valuable lessons in the chosen enterprise.

Unfortunately, many new farmers are increasingly being tricked into investing in non-viable agribusiness enterprises and they end up counting huge losses.

Quite often, these new farmers are desperate and want to make quick returns. When they read in mainstream or social media about agribusiness enterprises that will make them quick money, many don’t ask the hard questions, but quickly invest their hard earned money into questionable enterprises.

These are often seen on social media venting out their frustrations after things have gone bad. There’s a time when rearing quails was the thing in Uganda. It was all over mainstream and social media. It was reported that quail eggs had several healthy benefits and had ready market. Thousands of unsuspecting Ugandans went into quails rearing business but it didn’t take long before it backfired. This is just one example of many others that have left some people cursing farming!

Out of the bad experience, many tell their friends never to consider investing in any agribusiness enterprise. These discouraging messages about investing in farming are increasing on social media. However, one secret to successful farming is making your own research about a particular enterprise you choose to venture into.  Before spending your hard-earned money on a particular enterprise, ask yourself; who has successfully grown this crop and made money out of it? Where is the market for this crop/enterprise locally, regionally and globally? What are the costs involved? Don’t be motivated by farmers on social media. Pay visits to real farmers involved in the enterprise you want to join. Many ‘motivational’ farmers on social media are fake and non-existent on the ground. Don’t foolishly be duped into investing in farming without asking the hard and real questions.

The author is a farming journalist and Proprietor of Pearl Model Farm that is into coffee farming, coffee nursery operations, goat rearing and general agribusiness consultations. 0775170346/0703828741/ Follow me on Twitter: @TaddewoS

Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

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