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Kenya Elections: Raila Reveals Why Kenya Is Headed In Wrong Direction

NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga on Monday endorsed opinion polls released on Sunday on the direction that the country is headed to.

Ipsos Kenya released a poll on Sunday in which 61 percent of Kenyans said country is headed on wrong direction while only 21 percent believe country headed in right direction.

“I don’t just believe it is the polls that we should be talking about but the overall Kenyans and how they feel, many are hurting,” he said.

The cost of living has gone up because as you know from 2013, the cost of living has gone up by 40 percent cumulatively while average wage increased only by 12 percent during the same period.

“You know that the price of maize meal was Sh110 and now it is at Sh150 and price of Sugar is hitting nearly Sh200 per Kilogram and milk Sh36 to Sh60 while processors buy it from farmers at Sh35. “The issues is corruption which has led to unemployment.”

The NASA leader said his first mission if elected will be to bring down the cost of living, address food shortage, create employment and also control rent.

“It’s my fourth time I am running for the presidency. I represent change. The coalition that nominated me wants to bring change. We want to address mismanagement of the economy,” he said.

Raila accused the Uhuru Kenyatta administration of over borrowing only to steal the same instead of investing in projects that can create jobs.

“Every shilling spent, another is stolen. As NASA we will address the issue of fiscal discipline and create employment.”

-The Standard


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