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Kampala Parents And It’s Role In Preparing Responsible Citizens

By Ben Sebuguzi

Towards third term of the education calendar, many schools most especially pre- primary schools, begin to invite new pupils to join their respective schools. Many adverts are run on different media.
This leaves many parents at cross roads on where to take their children for better

As parents, what should be our yardsticks for better education? Is it about schools scrambling for first grades to attract media attention, or is it about pumping our children daily homework and holiday package without giving them some rest? Did we know that holistic education is the best relevant for the future of our children.

The dilemma is that we work hard every day in order to prepare a bright future for our children, but most especially we don’t make good research about what proper
education entails.

I visited Kampala Parents for my first time during one of the Pakasa forums organized
by New Vision, and what I saw there is a strong enough worth sharing compared to
other schools I have visited. Their facilities are world class for proper nurturing of your child.

Besides the opulent buildings, the schools management invested in nature.
The moment you enter, you’re welcomed by beautiful and severe environment with
hundreds of trees.

According to urban space environment health scholars, like Mathias Braubach, green environment can promote mental and physical health and reduces mobility and mortality by providing relaxation and stress alleviation hence a good ingredient in the proper leaving of your child.

Besides the beautiful lawn, the prestigious and elegant structures, the school
emphasizes a holistic child development that fits in the dynamic world. They have a
fully operational catering room that teaches pupils basic catering skills that can make them future entrepreneurs. The school is also proud of the hundreds of sewing machines used for teaching the pupils how to make an income in future.
They also have two well stocked libraries, computer rooms with smart boards, plus a
multipurpose hall for music, dance and drama. This education which is similar to that of Chinese and Germanys first class education and civilization of children that meets international standards. This is a challenge to all other proprietors of schools to try and copy Kampala Parents style because the country needs to groom a new generation that will not be a liability to the nation, but a generation that will be productive in the future.

Ben Ssebuguzi
Secretary General
Uganda Poor Youth Movement


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