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Kadaga Tells MPs: Stop Talking About Shs20m COVID-19 Cash

Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga (pictured) has directed MPs from defending themselves against the Shs10bn that will see each MP walk away with Shs20m to reportedly help them fight COVID-19 in their constituencies.

The Shs10bn is part of the Shs284Bn to mitigate the spread of Coronovirus in the country.

The Shs10bn reward to MPs has attracted public criticism, with Ugandans wondering how MPs could think of that decision yet health professionals don’t have the necessary protective gears to protect themselves while handling Coronovirus cases.

“I want to appeal to MPs; the issue of Shs10Bn is an issue of the Parliament Commission. Don’t continue talking about it because you don’t know about it. It’s not your business; just go on with your lives,” Kadaga said during yesterday’s plenary sitting.

While appearing on NBS Television on Wednesday, Kadaga defended the Shs10bn Supplementary funding, revealing that some of the funds would  cater for the Parliament’s Health Committee, in addition to meeting costs of MPs messages on electronic media, in diverse languages.

“We have ambulances commandeered by Ministry of Health. The drivers have to be paid and ambulances serviced. MPs are also busy on advocacy. Committees are following up on what is happening in hospitals and they are reporting to the country,” said Kadaga.

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