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Kadaga Attacks MPs Over ’Corruption’

The Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has lashed out at a section of MPs who don’t contribute to debates, but instead sign attendance lists and leave immediately, describing the act as corruption.

She said the lawmakers do so in search of transport refund from various functions.

“…You come to the house and you simply sign, you don’t even enter the Chamber but leave and you are very comfortable. You go to the committee, you sign, leave and go for a workshop, you sign there, you leave and go to another workshop, you spend the whole day like that; all that is corruption,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker made the remarks today at the launch the Parliamentary Forum on Ethics and Integrity that is spearheaded by former Ethics and Integrity Minister, Nsaba Buturo.  

Kadaga called on the lawmakers to look at the way they work, saying they are examples in society and cautioned them to work to improve how Legislators perform because once such habits are acquired; you live with them for a long time.

On his part,  Buturo said that the Forum will be used as a tool to lobby leaders to support policies which promote morality and ethics as well as a common national moral agenda, saying society is peddling sexual deviance and calling the practice human rights yet it is gross distortion of liberty and religious sensitivities.

He added that the ongoing coup against morality is dehumanizing corruption taken too far.

“As things stand in our motherland, the need to be clear about our values and to defend and practice them is compelling,” Buturo said.

He added: “Failure to do so will leave Ugandans more vulnerable to others who are absolutely certain about their values and do not care a bit about ours.”

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