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Kabuleta Reveals Why Museveni Has Managed To Rule Ugandans For Long

The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) leader Joseph Kabuleta (pictured above) has asked Ugandans to desist from tribal and political talks if they are to thrive economically.


Addressing the people of Masaka and Ankole sub region last week, Kabuleta revealed that tribalism and political differences have kept Ugandans backward because the two factors keep them disunited and distracted.


According to Kabuleta, tribalism and political differences among citizens have been catalysed by President Yoweri Museveni since disunited people are easy to rule.


He added that the divide and rule tactic works for Museveni since it keeps him in power.


“What we should do is one, we should come together and solve our problems because they are the same.Today, people from Buddu have understood that people from Ankole also have their problems and next time, we shall organise another summit that will bring together all people from different regions of Uganda. People from Buganda will hear from those of Karamoja, Arua, Bunyoro, Busoga etc. Everyone will air out their issues. After that, people will realise that we all face the same problems despite our tribes and political affiliations,” the former presidential candidate said.


The journalist turned politician further urged Ugandans to unite for a common cause of fighting for their natural resources that will in the end help them uplift their livelihoods.


“That’s why arrangements like NEED are very important because you may realise that the person behind our disunity has also reached at the parish level…What disunites us as Ugandans is that people in one region don’t understand what’s happening in the other. This is because we discuss our problems in different languages, so most times you feel that you have more problems than people in other regions. We came up with NEED to ensure that all of you understand that as Ugandans, we face the same problems; the poverty, poor governance, the suffering are all the same. The person misruling us with his clique is the same,” disclosed, Mr Kabuleta, who is currently on a nationwide campaign premised on protecting Uganda’s natural deposits that could be used by citizens to alleviate themselves from poverty.


In the same Symposium, locals decried the abject poverty, illegal land evictions and exploitation from the people in power.


Atuhirwe Prossy, a former Isingiro south Parliamentary contestant in the last general elections noted that Ugandans have been exploited enough and it was high time they fought for what rightly belongs to them.


“The situation we are in now, we are not fighting for our regions, we are not fighting for Kingdoms or personal interests, we have reached a level to fight for our good country Uganda, because we found Uganda and its here to stay. So I ask Ugandans to rise up but not as a Muganda, munyankore or Easterner, come out as a Ugandan to develop our country as one,” Atuhirwe said.


“We need to come out to define our country historically. Where have we come socially, economically and politically and where are we heading? We need to bring back sanity in this country so that we can enjoy it irrespective of our political differences,” she added.


Launched last year, NEED, a political movement has so far managed to spread the economic empowerment message to Busoga, Buganda, Bugisu, Bukedi, Teso, Sebei, Lango, Acholi, West Nile,Tooro, Rwenzori, Kigezi and Ankole sub regions.


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