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Justice Katureebe Tips Graduates To Improve Agricultural Productivity Through Research

Graduates of Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration jubilate at the 20th graduation ceremony of UMI in Gulu City on Friday.

The Former Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, has challenged graduates to use their academic research to improve agricultural productivity in Northern Uganda.

Katureebe who is the Chancellor of Uganda Management Institute-UMI says the region is witnessing worsening climate change characterized by prolonged drought arguing that through academic research, farmers can be best informed on ways to gain better yields.

Justice Katureebe was speaking on Friday at the 20th graduation ceremony of postgraduate students at UMI Gulu Branch in Gulu City.

He says one’s education can only be valuable if it has an impact on society arguing that the graduates should use their research and policy analysis not only to impact the district plans but also the national plans.

Justice Katureebe also urged district leaders in the region to embark on reforestation to fight climate change that has resulted from the mass destruction of trees over the years.

He however urged the graduates to play a pivotal role in positioning the region for trade with neighboring South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) owing to the geographical setting of Northern Uganda.

Dr. James Nkata, the Director General of UMI congratulated the graduates for making sacrifices amidst an extremely challenging economic time.

Jomo Oyet, one of the graduates and best-performing students in postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that research plays a key role in addressing food security.

Oyet who is also the Production Officer Omoro says research on improved seeds that are fast maturing and improved farming techniques through using irrigation are some of the ways farmers can be helped to improve agricultural yield.

A total of 233 students graduated at the institution in various disciplines out of which 13 attained Masters degrees and 220 graduated with postgraduate diplomas.


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