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Johnnie Walker Uganda Launches Exclusive “She Walks” Women Mentorship Program

Keynote speaker Amelia Kyambadde addressing the guests at the launch.

Johnnie Walker Uganda has officially launched a new groundbreaking mentorship program dubbed ‘She Walks’.

Crafted exclusively for women, this campaign aims to amplify stories of resilience, purpose, and progress, inspiring women to navigate their paths with confidence in a world still evolving toward inclusivity.

Launched under the theme, Purposeful Strides, Scaling Hills In Heels, the exclusive event that took place at the Kampala Serena Hotel drew in distinguished female leaders from various industries, including banking, law, manufacturing, business and politics.

Senior Presidential Advisor, Amelia Kyambadde graced the occasion as the keynote speaker, sharing her remarkable journey of determination and triumph.

In her keynote address, Amelia emphasised the importance of women uniting to claim their space, emphasizing the transformative power of initiatives like She Walks in fostering unity and empowerment.

She gave guests an intimate glance into her life and upbringing, from growing up with a single father, to having a blended family, an early marriage and how all that shaped her character and spirit of resilience, in making sure that she attains everything that she is today.

“I came to Uganda when I was five with a single father. I was raised by multiple people including my grandparents, and that led to a feeling of need to guarantee my security, hence jumping into an early marriage, just after my A-levels. It was hard, but I did not let that faze me, because what I went through from the age of five built my character into the woman I am today; from a mere secretariat study, to an MBA and now to pursuing my PHD. I was resilient, I dreamed about doing something even bigger than myself, and I am glad I did,” Kyambadde said.

Kyambadde also shared how her patriotic spirit was formed and why she decided to come back to Uganda to work and fight to take up space as a woman but most importantly be a voice for the voiceless and fight for the vulnerable and women

Andrew Kilonzo, the Managing Director of Uganda Breweries Ltd, echoed Amelia’s sentiments, underlining the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and progress. He lauded She Walks as a platform for celebrating women who, like Johnnie Walker, have persevered and thrived in diverse capacities.

“She Walks is about bringing women together and celebrating those who, much like Johnnie Walker, have kept walking in their different spaces and capacities, women who have had to reinvent themselves and have made progress in their respective fields and the story from our Guest of Honour tonight is just that, a journey of resilience and reinvention,” said Kilonzo.

“As Johnnie Walker, and Uganda Breweries Ltd, the company’s stance on inclusivity lies at the core of our brand ethos, aligning seamlessly with our societal commitments for 2030. So, as we celebrate the women this month and beyond, we pledge to champion women through collaborative partnerships with exceptional individuals such as yourselves. With the She Walks program, we aspire not only to showcase this spirit of progress, but to also ignite inspiration among the next generation of women,” added Kilonzo.

The highlight of the evening was a scotch mentorship session, treating guests to an exquisite four-course whisky pairing experience featuring Johnnie Walker’s iconic labels. From themed cocktails to neat pours, the ladies got to experience everything scotch.

“She Walks is not just an event, it is a movement, an agenda that we as a brand are intentional about, to highlight the unique success stories of the women that we look up too. We want to say that Johnnie Walker is for you, to celebrate your milestones, and to wind down with your colleagues/ peers,” said Catherine Ndungu Marketing Director Uganda Breweries limited.

UBL Marketing Director Catherine Ndungu addressing guests at the launch on Wednesday night

The ladies also got treated to a selfcare note from the SheWalker and celebrated makeup artiste and entrepreneur Mona Faces let’s have her full real name. She shared invaluable self-care insights, encouraging women to prioritize wellness even as they keep walking.

As the night concluded, guests departed with products from the prestigious Johnnie Walker range, a fitting end to a luminous night.

UBL Board Member Racheal Dumba speaking at the launch on Wednesday night.

She Walks represents a unique blend of education, empowerment, and entertainment offering women a platform to connect, collaborate, and thrive. The campaign promises to uplift and inspire women across diverse fields, fostering a community of support and progress.


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