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Indian PM Modi: Uganda Is An Example Of Africa On The Move

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday praised Uganda, noting that it’s on the right track.

He made the remarks while addressing Parliament during a special sitting.

Modi also vowed to ensure that India works with Uganda to ensure that the two nations build instruments of empowerment in Africa.

“We will stand in solidarity with your endevours, in transparency, with respect and on the principle of equality. We will speak for you, and with you. Uganda is an example of Africa on the move. It is region of growing trade and Investment. Our efforts will always be driven by your priorities,” Modi said.

He also promised that his country would make health care more affordable and accessible to many Ugandans.

President Yoweri Museveni welcomed the proposal, saying: “You know how many Ugandans go to India for Health care so if the Indians can invest here to deal with some of those issues that take people to India that will be very big support.”

Modi also revealed that India had announced two credits; USD141M and USD64M intended to steer Uganda’s agriculture, health care and education.

“The future belongs to the youth and the century is yours to shape. We fought against colonialism together; we shall fight for prosperity together. We must work together to ensure Africa keeps Independent and never again to fall into colonialism,” Modi said.



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