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Impregnated & Abandoned: The Sad Story Of 31 Kasese Young Mothers

Some of the young mothers interacting with the Kyarumba SC LCIII

A group of 31 young mothers in Kyarumba Sub County, Kasese district, are facing numerous challenges in raising their babies. These girls claim to have been impregnated by workers of VS Hydro Uganda Limited, a company co-owned by Sri Lankan nationals that was involved in power generation at Nyamugasani 1 and 2 power plants.

The company was operating under a contract with DI Frontier Market Energy & Carbon Fund, a renewable energy investment company based in Denmark.

According to the girls, they were enticed into relationships with these workers but were abandoned once the company completed its work in the area two years ago.

Many of the girls were between 15 and 20 years old at the time, with some still attending school. They now find themselves abandoned by their families and are seeking support from well-wishers and the government.

Jessica Birungi, who is now 19 years old, became pregnant while in Senior Two and has been living with her parents. However, her parents are now pressuring her to find the father of her child, despite her unsuccessful attempts to contact him.

Another victim, Jessica Kabugho, was in Senior Three when she entered into a relationship with a man whom she thought would be her lifelong partner.

After becoming pregnant, she faced stigma and had to drop out of school. She has been taking care of her child without any support from the child’s father.

Jovia Biira, from Kisanga cell in Kyarumba, shares a similar story. She was promised by a casual laborer from VS that they would go to Lugazi together, but he disappeared after she became pregnant. She was even dismissed from her home by her own brother and is now struggling to make ends meet by doing odd jobs in the town council.

Grace Ithungu, who is caring for her daughter’s child, explains that the family decided to take in the baby because their daughter was too young to handle both the pregnancy and the responsibility of raising a child alone. However, the family is facing financial challenges in providing for the child without a stable source of income.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Ivan Bwambale, the Kyarumba Sub County LCIII chairperson, has taken the initiative to profile each victim and seek justice and support for the young mothers.

Unfortunately, his reports to the VS company management, the district, and government officials have not yet received a response.

Bwambale emphasizes the urgent need for support for this vulnerable group.

The Frontier in charge of social affairs, named Topista, states that the company has not received formal complaints but will investigate the matter.

The State Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Godfrey Kabyanga Baluku, confirms that he has received information about the situation and will follow up on the matter.


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