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IMMEDIATE EFFECT: Museveni Increases Science Teachers Salaries

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that salaries of science teachers in secondary schools across the country be increased with immediate effect.

The President revealed this at a retreat of secondary school heads at State House, Entebbe on Wednesday.

“Officiated at the closure of a two-day retreat for secondary school headteachers at State House, Entebbe. The retreat organised by the Ministry of Education and Sports was attended by over 3,000 heads of government and private schools. Government is with immediate effect going to increase salaries of science teachers although headteachers and deputies will still earn slightly higher. The arts teachers will also have their pay raised later,” the President said.

First Lady Janet Museveni who also doubles as Education and Sports Minister attended the function

He added, “The salary for science teachers will be competitive. We don’t want to hear that science teachers in Kenya are getting a better pay than those in our country. We are also holding discussions with the ministry’s top management to reduce the number of subjects done by students in secondary schools.”

First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni was in attendance.

The news comes on the heels of threats of industrial action by teachers across the country over failure by government to increase their salaries.

The President reiterated his call to school heads of government aided schools to stop charging fees for universal education.

“You are tiring the children. Education should not be a punishment. It must be interesting, something one likes. We are going to sort it out, it should not be something students resent. Head teachers of government schools should stop charging fees for universal education that is meant to be free for parents who cannot afford school fees,” the president said.


A headteacher addresses the conference on Wednesday evening

He also urged teachers to encourage patriotism, “Teachers should emphasize patriotism in schools to promote students’ love for Uganda, Africa and themselves. Education in an African country is to liberate Africans from underdevelopment, marginalization, ignorance, and injustice.”

“You find schools producing products without a compass. You find children who think they are in Europe when they are at the shores of Lake Victoria. Help these children to have a bearing in life, many Africans don’t love themselves.”

Museveni later congratulated the headteachers who were recognized for their outstanding service.

They included; George Muhumuza of Kyamatte S.S, Rose Izizinga of Kitante SS, John Fred Kazibwe of Mengo SS, Aloysius Seninde of St.Lawrence Paris Palais, Captain John Tumusiime of Nakasongola SS, Sr. Mary Aleto St. Mary Girls SS Soroti, Joseph Ojok of St Joseph College Layibi and Geoffrey Onek of Pader Girls.

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