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I&M Bank Toasts To 50 Years Of Banking Excellence In East Africa

The Golden Jubilee celebrations, was held on Friday, June 28, 2024, at the Victoria Hall at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

The echoes of celebration still resonate as I&M Bank Uganda commemorated fifty years of banking excellence. The Golden Jubilee celebrations, held on Friday, June 28, 2024, at the Victoria Hall at the Kampala Serena Hotel, was a testament to the bank’s enduring legacy and its profound impact on the Ugandan banking landscape.

The event, which brought together a diverse array of stakeholders including customers, employees, regulators, partners, and dignitaries, was a resounding success. Guests were treated to an evening filled with festivities, heartfelt tributes, captivating entertainment, and networking opportunities.

The grand celebrations will be followed by a golf tournament, the second leg of the Katogo Golf Series, happening today Saturday, June 29th, at the Entebbe Golf Club.

As a continuation of the celebrations, I&M Bank Uganda will also participate in a series of CSR activities across the country, as well as engage customers and the business community in financial symposiums aimed at improving financial literacy.

Reflecting on the 50-year journey, I&M Bank CEO, Robin Bairstow, expressed gratitude for the dedication of bank’s staff, the loyal customers, the support from partners, and the visionary leadership and the resilience by the institution’s founders, as some of the key aspects that have propelled the organisation forward, across the region over the past five decades.

“We owe this milestone first to the resilience and a cross-generational vision of the founders of the I&M Group. The dedication of our employees, the loyal customers that have stood and grown with us, the invaluable support of our different partners, and the visionary leadership that has guided the business along the way,” remarked Bairstow.

Throughout the celebration, there was a palpable sense of pride in the bank’s achievements and a shared excitement for the future. Guests had the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge about I&M Bank’s humble beginnings, from a well orchestrated photo show of the founders and some of the early customers, that were showcased on boards at the arrival area.

The I&M Bank Uganda Board Chairman- Suleiman Kiggundu Junior, Orient Bank Founder cum I&M Bank Uganda Non Executive Director Dr. Ketan Morjaria, and the bank’s CEO Robin Bairstow, held a fireside chat where they let guests into the latest initiatives, products, and services, the bank has rolled out in with the aim of enhancing customer experience and drive financial inclusion.

The discussion spotlighted the bank’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation, underscoring its strategic focus on meeting the evolving needs of its customers in today’s rapidly changing banking landscape.

“Over time, I&M Bank has become the market leader in digitalization of products and services, enhancing customer convenience through introduction of innovative services like I&M Bank Mastercards, offshore banking, and our digital pod at Kingdom Kampala, that has significantly changed ATM banking,” Ketan said.

Bairstow took a moment to reflect on the bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. He highlighted the bank’s CSR activities, which aim to support the community and individuals in need. Bairstow reiterated the importance of these initiatives in fostering a stronger bond with clients and contributing to the welfare of society as a whole.

“The golden jubilee is a testament not only to our longevity, but also to the lasting impact we’ve had on the communities we serve and the individuals whose lives we’ve touched,” Bairstow stated.

Bairstow highlighted that the bank has a series of community outreach programs and business symposiums lined up in different parts of the country, as a continuation of the golden jubilee celebrations.

Dr. Ketan Morjaria, the Non-Executive Director and founding member, commented on the journey from Orient Bank to I&M Bank Uganda. “With I&M Bank Uganda, we now offer more refined products, including digital innovations. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers for their continued support and loyalty,” he added.

Kiggundu emphasized the bank’s core values and appreciation for its supporters, as part of the foundation that has enabled it reach the 50- year milestone.

“Honesty and transparency have always been our cornerstone. We remain committed to our customer-centric approach, treating everyone like family with care and respect. Thanks to all partners, customers, and the staff that stayed with us through the challenging times.”

I&M Bank group CEO- Kihara Maina, took guests through ghetto humble beginnings of the bank in Nairobi, the strategic initiatives that foster growth and development, and its community-focused programs.

“Our mandate is to serve you with utmost excellence across all the markets we operate in. Through our foundational pillars and shared values like environmental conservation, education and skills development, enabling giving, and economic empowerment, among others,” he stated.

The guest of honor, Finance Minister Matia Kasaija applauded I&M Bank for the vital role in the country’s economic landscape, by providing essential financial solutions to businesses and individuals, hence driving economic development.

“I&M Bank has been a trusted partner in our quest for economic development, and we appreciate your commitment to our nation’s prosperity. Notably, your focus on supporting healthcare, education, and the environment, which demonstrates your dedication to the national development agenda. As we celebrate this milestone, we also celebrate the bank’s adaptability in times of challenges,” he noted.

As I&M Bank embarks on its next chapter, it does so with renewed vigor, guided by a deep sense of gratitude for the past and a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and community service.

The Golden Jubilee celebrations, which are spread across all East African countries where the bank has presence, served as a poignant reminder of the institution’s enduring legacy and its unwavering dedication to shaping the future of banking in Uganda and beyond.

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