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I&M Bank In Blood Donation Drive As Blood Shortage Looms

I&M Bank’s Sam Ntulume donating blood

The Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) recently raised concerns about an imminent blood shortage, due to rising demand.

I&M Bank Uganda exhibited trueness to their slogan- ‘We’re on your side,’ as they led by example by organizing a two day blood donation drive at their Kingdom Kampala branch, starting on August 30, 2023.

The Banking Institution collaborated with the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services to host the blood donation drive event.

The bank also went ahead to invite some of their neighboring organizations, like the Equal Opportunity Commission, to take part.

About 57 units of blood were collected, to cap off the drive as a success, and put into play one of the bank’s corporate social responsibility pillars- enabling giving.

“Given that Uganda’s annual requirement of 400,000 units of blood remains unfilled, our dedication to community welfare compels us to take meaningful action. Through our participation, we aspire to mitigate blood shortage and potentially save lives. The blood donation aligns with our commitment to support the wellbeing of people in the communities where we operate. We are enthusiastic to take the lead, but also encourage our customers, neighbors, and well-wishers to join in and be part of this noble cause,” said Annette Nakiyaga, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs I&M Bank.

I&M Bank staff donating blood

Understanding the critical importance of ensuring steady and sufficient blood supply for medical emergencies is key in a country like Uganda, which has in the recent past experienced a surge in road accidents, among other health scares.

“This is a very good initiative from I&M Bank. It is public knowledge that we still need a lot of blood to deal with medical emergencies in order to save lives. The turn up over two days has been encouraging and we call upon more organizations to follow in the steps of I&M Bank by organizing similar blood donation drives. If everyone joins this cause, a lot more lives can be saved. Remember, it could be you or someone close to you in need of blood, in the near future,” said Duncan Rubabyanza, a blood donor recruiter at Nakasero.

Staff from the Equal Opportunities Commission and their hosts- I&M Bank, were later taken through a sensitization segment on blood donation, highlighting its benefits.

According to the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, about 300,000 blood units are collected annually, although that is below the World Health Organization target.

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