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IHK Opens Up New Outpatient Department

The International Hospital Kampala (IHK) has today opened the new Outpatient Department (OPD) to the public.

“We listened to our customer feedback and acted in their interests,” International Medical Group Chief Executive Officer Sukhmeet Sandhu said.

Following the feedback, IHK six months ago take on to revamp the facility, widening it from the then four rooms to the current 11 (rooms) that is expected to serve 15, 000 patients, as opposed to the overflow before the refurbishment.

Sukhmeet says the new development will “improve patient care by providing reliable healthcare, improving process flow, providing more space to accommodate patients comfortably and an ambiance that aligns with the needs and sensibilities of the modern day client, for a much more rewarding experience when patients pay a visit to the hospital.”

According to Sukhmeet, the department will also be a point of service for a variety of specialties including general surgery, breast health and breast surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, urology, cardiology, nephrology, ophthalmology, nutrition, plastic surgery and reconstructive, pediatrics among others.

“The department is suitable for minor surgical procedures, and has got access to a wide range of doctors and medicines. It is ideal for accident-related emergencies/ambulance-on-call, and will curate a database of medical history and research depending on the frequency of one’s visit,” Sukhmeet says.

Furthermore, Sukhmeet says the OPD will serve as a training ground for medical, para-medical, nursing staff and future doctors.

According to IHK General Manager Joel Oroni, “This new addition to IHK is an improved process flow with improved client experience and this reinforces our commitment to providing world class care.”

Dr. Jeff Sebuyira-Mukasa, the IHK Board Chairperson says the new OPD is a milestone which he says will bring give customers the experience that meets or exceeds their expectations but also offer value for money.

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