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How To Make A Good Agribusiness Plan

An agribusiness plan is a written summary of the business a farmer plans to do.

It includes information about the business activities, money details, how you will sell your products as well as your education level and interests.
Why make business plan?
Business plan can help you to get money for your agribusiness from banks, saving and credit organizations and microfinance institutions.

 It also helps in running your daily business activities such as record keeping, feeding and treating of animals. It also helps in knowing the crops to grow. It will help you to know how much money you will get from your agribusiness.
How to make business plan
When making a business plan, you should include the following parts:
1. Background of Business – here you write the business name, where the business is found, address, ownership and your personal information.
2. Market Plan – in this part you explain who you are going to sell to, what you are selling, the price of the product, how you will make people know your product and what makes your business better compared to others.
3. Management Plan – here you need to explain the leaders in the business by stating what they are supposed to do and who is responsible for different jobs.
4. Financial Plan – here you write amount of money you need for your business, how much money you have used in buying equipment, expenses such as salary and wages and the money you will get from the business.
5. Executive Summary – this is a summary of the whole plan in one page.

Source: African Farm Resource Centre.

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  1. Robert Twesigye

    I’m highly impressed by these business plan clues and i need one since i’m soon starting a retail and wholesale business for dairy products.

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