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Headteacher Works Under Tree For 7 Months As Office Remains Locked By Angry Predecessor

A section of parents of Nakulamudde Primary School holding placards at Gomba District office.

A group of parents have stormed Gomba District offices demanding the opening of head teachers’ office at Nakulamudde Primary School in Kabulasoke Sub County.

It is alleged that in March this year a former acting head teacher of the school, Agnes Nanyonjo was transferred and in protest locked the office and other classrooms which were later unlocked.

The angry parents holding placards accused the district officials of failing to take action against the errant former head teacher and unlock the school office which has been locked for seven months now.

They said that Nanyonjo locked the books, the maize, documents and other school essential items, which has greatly affected the running of the school under the leadership of the current head teacher Madrine Gwaliwo.

Tereza Naggayi, a parent and neighbor to the school, questioned why the district authorities were taking long to address the matter which has made the current head teacher operate from under the tree.

She said that the act is a sign of disharmony among district leaders who have since failed to prevail over Nanyonjo to the detriment of the school activities.

Nakulamudde Village chairperson, Charles Wasswa said that they trekked the long distance on foot in protest against the delay by the authorities to take decision.

Wasswa asked the district authorities to explain why it has taken long for them to unlock the school head teacher’s office to allow smooth running of the school.   Wasswa demanded that the office be opened and accountability be made instead of the keeping the interrupting the school activities.

Mpenja Sub County Councilor, Davis Sseruntaga blamed the locking of the office on the district which he says is affecting the learning process at the school.

Efforts to get a comment from Nanyonjo were futile as her known telephone number remained unanswered despite repeated calls.

Godffery Kalyango, the District Education Officer – DEO for Gomba called for calm among the parents but attributed the continuous closure of the school office to stubbornness of the transferred head teacher.   He said that the closure of the school office was deliberate because upon transfer, Nanyonjo used to frequent the school protesting the transfer and that she indicated that it to the teachers.

Kalyango suspected a sinister motive behind the locking of the school office saying that there is also a worry over missing PLE pass lips for former pupils which were in office but their fate is not known.

Gomba District Chief Administrative Officer, Joseph Kisubi confirmed that they reshuffled all head teachers to remove those in acting capacities to replace them with substantive ones but Nanyonjo refused to hand over the office.

The CAO said that upon receiving the complaint, they invited Nanyonjo to come and hand over but she did not appear on the first time and on the second time, the entire district team led by the chairperson went to the school and she eluded them.

According to Kisubi, the classes which had been locked were all opened except the small room that is used as the office which remain locked up to date and that he has since blocked parents from breaking into it.

Kisubi explained that the parents have authority to break into the office and that they have to wait for the district technical officials to follow the due process of the law leading to the opening of the office.

He said that the district service commission would sit and determine her fate but also the office of Solicitor General is yet to give a legal advise on the matter for them to proceed.


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