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Green Big ‘G’ Placards Fuel Speculation Of Gotv, Bubble Gum Re-brand

Social media users in Uganda are speculating on the possibility that satellite television, Gotv and famous chewing bubble gum “Big G” are set for a re-brand.

This follows the emergence of what appeared to be advertisers displaying large green placards with a big letter G.

Placards and roadside banners greeted many on Monday morning fueling speculation that one of the top companies could be re-branding

It is not clear what the letter stands for but many are beginning to speculate over companies with products that begin with the letter.

GOtv is a Digital terrestrial television platform that broadcasts in 11 African countries. It is owned by Multichoice.

“Big G” is a fabulous chewing (bubble) gum made in Kenya and was popular and dominant until the arrival of products like “PK”.

However, the country’s Multichoice office has not commented or given any indication that there is a looming re-brand.

Although some comments online have been linking the letter to every good word that begins with “G.”


5 thoughts on “Green Big ‘G’ Placards Fuel Speculation Of Gotv, Bubble Gum Re-brand

  1. Faith

    I dont think so rather something big is happening in Uganda in the month of August be prepared,its going to be great.

  2. Tumwa Joel

    Forget about Gotv and Bubble gum.. God is upto something great in this land.. Something big is happening this August. Watch the space…

  3. Arnold

    Glory in Kampala Uganda

  4. Rogers

    Keep watching, Something #biiiiiiiiG is happening shortly on this land.

  5. Mubiru emmanuel joseph

    But the next day,it was a big C,did you see tha ?

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