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Gov’t To Blacklist Fake Churches

Government has said it is committed to eliminating fake religious institutions and individuals exploiting believers.

Simon Lokodo, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, says Government has noted with concern the growing number of the different churches and efforts are being made to regulate them.

Lokodo says that Government is working on ensuring that whoever comes out as an apostle, a pastor, a reverend, a prophet must have some clearance from a mainstream church and have a clear background and history.

He says Government is formulating a religious faith based organisation policy whose other role will be to register and to de-register the religious faith based organisation, the pastors, churches and institutions that defraud, and have what he called ill practices.

He says this will ensure that their originality is identified, know where they are operating from for the country to be safe, and not allowing for the operation on the guise of religiosity.

Some religious groups and individuals within the country have come under scrutiny with allegations of them defrauding their flock, through asking them to pay huge sums of money as they attend service. In other cases some religious groups discourage seeking medical treatment in preference for spiritual healing among others.

Lokodo’s statement in Parliament on Thursday came in after Aruu South MP Odonga Otto questioned the regulation of churches which are supposedly defrauding members of the public. He said some of the groups are quacks that need to be dealt with.

The statements came at a time when Parliament is debating the unresolved murders of so far 20 women in the areas of Katabi town council and Nansana Municipality by unknown people.


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