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Global Firm That Boots Organizations’ Profitability Targets East African Market

Europe’s transformative digital lunch scheme provider is looking to sign in more companies across Africa after a successful two-year test run in Kenya.

The firm, Sodexo Kenya has rebranded to Apptivate Africa as it rides on growing demand of the scheme by local firms seeking to improve their overall business productivity by boosting staff morale and productivity.

“We have shown that feeding workers via the mobile application that will help employers motivate their staff,” said Neil Ribeiro,  Apptivate Africa Chief executive officer.

Sodexo Kenya, an offshoot of global benefits and rewards firm Sodexo based in France, has managed to sign in close to 100 companies, with over 3,000 employees now enjoying their lunches through the firms first product, M-Kula.

Over the period under review, Kenyan companies signed into the scheme have seen a 12 – 25 percent rise in productivity.

Speaking during the launch, Grant Thornton’s People and Culture Assistant, Miriam Maina said the App has improved logistics of shopping vouchers and increased choices for employees.

“Initially, we were issuing the normal supermarket vouchers to our best performers which did not offer much variety and the voucher could only be used in one seating. With Sodexo, there is no logistical inconvenience as the vouchers are created and distributed from a web portal from the comfort of your desk. The users can use the digital vouchers at over 200 outlets and they don’t have to use it all at once” said Maina.

Merchants have also recorded increased business activities with majority signing in new bigger customers to boost growth of small businesses.

“I have been able to penetrate corporate clients who I wouldn’t have been able to get on my own. The platform is really good as I do not have to work on reconciliations, invoicing and following up for payments,” said Martha Oduya.

Oduya adds “Since the payments are made directly to my bank account, it has helped me get credit facilities from my bank as they can see I have a steady income every two weeks. Overall my business has really benefited from being on the M-Kula platform.”

A 2015 Sodexo Kenya survey indicated that 71 percent of employees in Kampala based based organizations dislike their jobs. This clearly shows that Ugandans are looking for more than a pay cheque to like their jobs.  Feeding them would be a good way to get them fired up.

Apptivate Africa said today’s launch marks the beginning of a journey to turning around the statistics by making more employees happy, improving productivity and boosting economic growth.

“Our strategy now is to develop solutions for the consumer. We will allow consumers to send gifts to each other on M-Tuza, and will allow the East African work force to access the special offers from our food vendors even if they do not have an M-Kula wallet,” said Ribeiro.

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