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‘Ggwa Mu Bintu’: Inside dfcu Bank’s 16-Week Unsecured Personal Loans Campaign

Annette Kiconco, dfcu’s Chief Retail Banking Officer

dfcu Bank has launched ‘Ggwa Mu Bintu’, a 16-week Unsecured Personal Loan Campaign. The campaign will run up to 30th June 2024 and will allow salaried individuals to access Unsecured Loans of up to Ugx. 250 million. The dfcu Personal Loans campaign comes after another loan targeted at School Owners and Parents of school-going from dfcu Bank that run at the start of this year.

‘Ggwa Mu Bintu’ will allow dfcu’s customers around the country to receive financing that can support various life stages and needs including the payment of purchases such as homes or cars, funding renovations and covering medical or educational expenses.

Annette Kiconco, dfcu’s Chief Retail Banking Officer noted that the campaign will allow the Bank’s customers to receive maximum loan tenors of up to 84 months and at interest rates as low as 17.5%.

“We have developed ‘Ggwa Mu Bintu’ to cater to an array of our customers’ needs. As a business, our purpose is to ‘Transform Lives and Businesses in Uganda’ and with increased loan amounts, competitive interest rates and no collateral requirements, we are confident that  our clients who are salary earners will be able to take care of their personal needs and as well as those needs which fall under wider development goals”, she said.

“We understand our customers’ needs and with the just start of the school year which came after a festive season, the requirement for cash is felt by many people. ‘Ggwa Mu Bintu’ will avail our customers with the financial support that they need during this time, allowing them to solve their financial obligations”.

“Under this campaign, the Bank also promises flexible repayment options and quick turnaround time for customers who will apply for the loan at dfcu’s 50-plus branches across the country,” Kiconco added.

As an added bonus, 15 dfcu Bank customers who apply for new salary loans or top up loans stand a chance to win back up to Ugx. 5,000,000/- in loan repayments through a lucky draw.

With the launch of this campaign, dfcu Bank reaffirms its position as a trusted financial partner, empowering individuals, and businesses to thrive in today’s economic landscape.


4 thoughts on “‘Ggwa Mu Bintu’: Inside dfcu Bank’s 16-Week Unsecured Personal Loans Campaign

  1. Gladys Enahoro

    How can I participate am I to open a bank account with your company

  2. Robert Magara Jackson

    With this wonderful information I wish to apply for the opportunity to be considered a candidate and I hope to be one of the dfcu bank customers to stand a chance to win this lucky draw.

  3. Ssentambule Stephen

    Just a question if I open up my account with you what does it takes you to give me a loan?

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