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Gen Mugisha Muntu Confirms Decision To Quit FDC

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Mugisha Muntu has reportedly quit the party, according to a statement purported to be from Muntu.

The statement attributed to Muntu says he took the decision to quit following discussions with the current FDC President Patrick Amuriat.

“I’ve always been a firm believer in following one’s principles. One such principle is honesty. Today, one of our team members erroneously and prematurely released a draft statement to the public. I apologise for that,” he tweeted on Tuesday evening and attached a statement confirming his exit from the FDC.

“We have communicated to the FDC leadership our decision to leave the party as the best way forward for all of us,” the statement reads in part.

He has promised to address a press conference on Thursday on the way forward.

The party president later issued a statement saying that he held an ‘honest’ discussion with Muntu about the findings of his consultation meetings.

“I wish to state that from our candid and honest discussion of their findings, he stated that they were not opposed to my leadership of FDC; that the election that brought me into office was free and fair; and that FDC fidelity to the values, principles, objectives/mission and strategies for which it was founded are not contested,” he says.

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