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FULL LIST: Top 10 Compliant Taxpayers Per District Under SME Category As Ranked By URA

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has named top taxpayers (Small and Medium Enterprises category) per district as part of the Taxpayers Appreciation Season 2020.

The appreciation season is running from October to December 2020, under the theme ‘Celebrating the Taxpayers of Uganda’.

According to URA Commissioner General, John R. Musinguzi, the tax body will also profile the top 50 compliant taxpayers by region, and the top 15 at the national level.

“They are picked from our database, premised on their consistency and voluntary compliance in honouring their tax obligations and continued growth over the last three years. Key to note is that, some districts do not feature on the list because five years ago while mapping taxpayer registration, some recently created districts were at sub-county status,” Musinguzi said.

In addition, URA said, some districts have less than 10 taxpayers because those listed are the only ones who met the selection criteria used to measure compliance.

“We shall crown the season with the award ceremony of the top compliant taxpayers in the country,” Musinguzi said.

During this season, he said, URA is reaching out to taxpayers and key stakeholders in different ways to appreciate them, but also leverage on each other’s strength in achieving its national mission.

“We are aware of the impact that Covid 19 pandemic has had on business, but the solution to revive our economy lies within us. In line with the national theme of 2020 which is ‘Stimulating the Economy to Safe Guard Livelihoods, Jobs, Businesses and Industrial Recovery’, we will offer free online business development and survival seminars dubbed Bomba Ya Business,” he said, adding: “The summits feature experts who offer customized business solutions for business survival beyond Covid19 so that in the long run we shall be self-sustaining.”

He added that currently, as a nation we are contributing 47% of our budget and our target is to be at 100%.

“I wish to thank every taxpayer who has continuously fulfilled their tax obligations. You have not only committed to selfserve Uganda, but also enabled government to provide services especially during the Covid pandemic,” he said.

According to URA, below are the top compliant taxpayers per district;


1. Adjumani Service Station Ltd

2. Dia Company Ltd


1. Awelo Child Development Center


1. Women And Children First Organisation

2. Restore Leadership High School Limited by Guarantee.

3. Lacor Seminary

4. Pabbo Child Development Centre


1. Ibuje Child Development Center


1. Noble Unit ( U ) Limited

2. Mr. Joel Arumadri No

3. Rhema Medical Group Ltd

4. Abiriambati Child Development Centre

5. Tropical Suites Hotel Limited

6. Amori Impex Limited

7. Mr. Dunant Adoruti

8. Mr. Toaha Gule

9. Mr. Zakaria Enyama Oresto

10. Mr. Abdu Moro Rajab


1. Hines Ugandan Ministries

2. Lugwere Bible Translation And Language Development Organisation

3. Cleaning And Restore Neat Services Limited

4. Mugarob Enterprises Ltd


1. Bududa Vocational Institute


1. Nile Breweries Nominees Limited

2. Caritas Lugazi Diocese

3. Twezimbe Centre Integrated Development Programme Limited

4. Health Initiatives Association

5. Medi-Link Investments Limited

6. SAO Ngogwe Co-operative Savings And Credit Society Limited.

7. Mr. Henry Makanga


1. St. Kalemba Schools Limited Villa Maria (Single)


  1. Chebinyiny Child Development Centre


1. Butiaba Sub County

2. Buliisa Sub County

3. Buliisa Service Station Limited


1. Bundibugyo Energy Cooperative Society Ltd

2. Bates Enterprises (U) Ltd

3. Mr. George Sikahwa Mbusa Kyamaiso

4. Mubunga Investments Multipurpose Company Limited


1. Comboni Hospital Kyamuhunga

2. Ankole Private Sector Promotion Centre Limited

3. Gas Energy U Limited

4. Kyamp’s Investment (U) Limited

5. Kambuzi Farmers Co-Oparative Savings And Credit Society Limited

6. Bushenyi Estates And Management Company Limited

7. Ms. Charity Komugasho

8. Mm And Trust Pharmaceuticals Limited

9. Premier Motel (U) Limited

10. Global Royal World


1. Kach-Ap Global Forwarders Ltd

2. Nicolet Limited

3. Preet Impex Limited

4. Luma Eastern College Busia Limited

5. Nangera Child Development Centre

6. Mr. Godfrey Malomba

7. Maanga Child Development Centre

8. Dip Holdings East Africa-Smc Limited

9. Sarang Impex Limited


1. A Little Bit Of Hope Uganda


1. St. Mary’s Nursary And Primary School Dokolo


1. Whitaker Peace And Development Initiative (Wpdi)

2. I Live Again Uganda

3. Global Friendship Hotel (SMC) Limited

4. Abaana S Hope

5. The Horse Network Company Limited

6. Galaxy Stationarie & General Merchandise Limited

7. JC Forestry Enterprise Limited

8. Backup Uganda

9. Children Up Uganda

10. Mr. Tonny Ocan


1. Devenish Nutrition Limited

2. Kijungu Hill Hotel Limited

3. JPK General Hardware Limited

4. Bhojani Investments Limited

5. Kensington Supermarket Limited

6. Molecule Investments (U) Ltd


1. Mr. Saleh Muhammad

2. Ibanda School Of Midwifery And Comprehensive Nursing – Ibanda

3. New Kakinga Millers Enterprises Limited

4. Peas Noble High School

5. Justine Barekye

6. Channie Supplies And Construction Limited

7. Katongore Godba Company Limited


1. Konoike Construction Co. Ltd

2. Kigulu College

3. Aj Moon Uganda Limited

4. Kwikiriza Pharmacy Limited

5. Mrs. Jay Thakkar Shree

6. The Way Home Africa Uganda

7. Mr. Abdalah Hisa

8. Sunland General Investments Limited


1. Nyamitsindo Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd

2. Kabingo Parents Primary School Jinja

1. Makepasi Match Limited

2. Industrial Security Services Ltd

3. Mulco Textile Limited

4. All Friends Place Limited

5. A – One Investments (U) Limited

6. Moob Services U Limited

7. Haileybury Youth Trust

8. Support And Love Via Education International

9. Maxx Ventures Limited

10. Queen Of Apostles Philosophy Centre Jinja Limited


1. Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust

2. Diocese Of Kigezi

3. Royal Pharma 2010 Limited

4. Kings Hotel – Kabale (U) Limited

5. Bakaruhire And Company Limited

6. Kabareebe Hardware-Smc Ltd

7. St. Konrad Intergrated Vocational School

8. Green Firm Africa Limited

9. Ukombozi Security Services

10. Heras Country Resort Limited


1. Mr. Expedito Byaruhanga

2. Kamwenge Maranatha

3. Reinah Tourist Hotel Limited

4. Mr. Andrew Kaliba

5. Shao Long Limited

6. Aadi Enterprises Limited

7. Banura General Store Limited

8. Kamwenge Pharmacy

9. Mr. David Tamale

10. Rosa Mystica Institute of Business And Vocational Training.


1. Kitara Civil Society Organisations Network


1. Rido Co-Operative Savings And Credit Society Limited


  1. St. Jude And Nalwanga Caroline Transporters Limited


1. Busulumba Child Development Centre


1. St. Charles Lwanga Girls Training Centre Kalungu


1. Rsk Environment Uganda Limited

2. Unimoni Exchange Services Limited

3. Pernix Construction Llc

4. ICEA Life Assurance Company Limited

5. Grofin Uganda Limited

6. Platinum Developers Ltd

7. Wageningen Ur Uganda Ltd

8. Twaweza East Africa Limited

9. Seventh Day Adventist Church

10. Jimmex Limited


1. Kyemba Sande Garden Hotel Limited

2. Kamuli College Limited

3. Pedro Collin Pharmacy Limited


1. Cape Investments Limited


1. Enjojo Lodges (U) Limited

2. Extech Techical Services Limited

3. Ugo633 Nyamigoye Child Development Centre

4. The Crested Crane Bwindi Limited


1. Kapchorwa Civil Society Organisations Alliance Limited

2. The Registered Trustees Of Hope Africa International


1. Seventh-Day Adventist Church- Rwenzori Field

2. Kasese Guide Radio – Diocese Of Kasese Limited

3. Bukonzo Organic Farmers Cooperative Union Limited

4. Kasese Price Hardware And More Uganda Limited

5. Muzahura Cdc

6. Abasaija Kweyamba Mubuku Cooperative Farming Society Ltd

7. Solene Pharmaceuticals Limited

8. Royal Lalani (U) Limited

9. Bwesumbu Subcounty Local Government

10. Bighopes Management Systems Consult Ltd


1. Saranac Ventures & Ecolodges Limited


1. Notre Dame Academy

2. St. Julie Model Primary Boarding School


1. Kagumu Development Organisation


1. Kashongi Sub-county

2. Ihunga Investments (U) Limited

3. Turibamwe Investment Limited


1. Kigumba Intensive Secondary School


1. Car Net Limited

2. Tulja Enterprise Limited

3. Muhabura Shine Secondary School

4. Paul & Family General Suppliers Company Limited

5. Nkuringo Greenhill Health Unit


1. Jia Hardware Limited

2. Mr Dickson Langoya Council

3. Akena Bosco General Enterprises Limited


1. Country Motel Koboko Ltd

2. Shree Khodiyar Traders Limited

3. Day Star Secondary School

4. Kochi Secondary School


1. Akalo Comprehensive Secondary School


1. Pentecostal Assemblies Of God- Planning And Development Secretariat Kumi (Pag- Pds Kumi)

2. Jay Madi Supermarket Limited

3. Kumi Health Centre Iv


1. Kyegegwa Rural Electricity Cooperative Society Limited


1. Krishni Enterprises Ltd


1. Serona Hotel

2. Kasensero – Kyotera Traders Co-operative Savings And Credit Society Limited


1. Padibe, St. Peter And Paul Health Centre


1. Bosceno Enterprises Ltd

2. Children Of The Nations(Cotn) Nursery And Primary School

3. The Registered Trustees Of Lira Diocese

4. Saving Grace Nursery & Primary School Limited

5. Almakah International (U) Limited

6. Muntu Investment Ltd

7. Bagowe Technical Services Limited

8. Mian Agro & Traders Co. (U) Limited

9. Rock Of Ages General Enterprises Ltd

10. Ayago Capital Uganda Limited


1. Ndejje Senior Secondary School

2. Taxserve Limited

3. Just Like My Child Foundation

4. Share An Opportunity Zirobwe Cooperative Savings And Credit Society Limited

5. African Outreach Academy Limited

6. Khaki Farm Enterprise Ltd


1. Engeye Health Project Limited


1. Salama Shield Foundation (SSF) Ltd by Guarantee

2. Rwamabara Child Development Centre

3. Organisation For Community Empowerment Lyantonde (Oce)


1. Butiru Chrisco Hospital of Uganda


1. Mr. Emmanuel Kiweewa

2. Uganda Child Care Denmark

3. Love In Action

4. Eagles Wings Children’s Village

5. Archbishop Kiwanuka S.S. Kitovu

6. Kyabbogo Trading Limited

7. Tulinaomubeezi Cdc

8. Ms. Margret Ndagire Zziwa

9. Banda Lodge Limited (Single)

10. Mr. Deogratias Bukya


1. Oneworld Health Limited

2. Masindi Hotel Limited

3. Redearth Education Ltd

4. Madfa Co-operative Savings &

Credit Societies Ltd

5. Jay Sikoterma (U) Limited

6. Kukua Agriculture Limited

7. Monaco Contractors Limited

8. Patel Impex Limited

9. Annur Trading Company Limited


1. St. Henrys College – Mayuge


2. Kafugu Service Station

3. Mr. Patrick Babalanda


1. Open Gate Fm Limited

2. Mt. Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise Limited

3. Life Africa Mission Project

4. Mr. Martin Namaga

5. Mrs. Kekiyonza Watuwa Connie

6. Mr. Sam Mukisa Samanya

7. Mr. Xiuping Zhuang

8. Mr. Vishnu Mistry

9. Mr. Himanshukumar Patel Babubhai


1. Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital

2. Apple Door To Door Uganda Limited

3. Raju – Raj Enterprises (U) Limited

4. Ever Greater Union U Ltd

5. Kanitumanya Investments U Limited

6. Silva Investment Company Limited

7. Muna Forex Bureau Limited

8. Vine Eye Centre Company Limited

9. Wagga Resort Limited

10. Abesigana Kashari Dairy Farmers Co-operative Savings And Credit Society Limited


1. Memic Co-Operative Savings And Credit Society Limited

2. Kanyabwanga Peoples Savings And Credit Society Ltd


1. Continental Forests Limited

2. Nakaseeta Initiative For Adult Education And Development

3. Partners For Community Transformation (Pact) Limited

4. Ssingo United Investments Limited

5. Medreich (U) Limited

6. St. Padre Pio

7. Namutamba Health Cnter Iii

8. Ms. Josephine Halima Nakitende Mary

9. Sunrise Agro Farms Limited

10. Lab Systems Strengthening (LSS) Limited


1. Mount Moroto Hotel 2011 Uganda Limited

2. Karamoja Women Umbrella Organization

3. Kara-Tunga Arts And Tours Limited

4. Zalpa Hardware Limited


1. Life Stream Pharmacy Limited

2. Augar Construction Co. Limited


1. Somnath Investments Limited

2. Mr. Robert Mugerwa

3. Mubende Agro Supply And Processors Limited

4. Pentecostal Churches Of Uganda Kibyamirizi Child Development Center

5. Mubende Employees Cooperative Savings And Credit Society Ltd.

6. Tasamoh Charity Organisation

7. Mr. Robert Ssenyonga

8. Mr. Augustine Tugume

9. Nilecom Intercomputers Limited

10. Quantum Computers And Electronics Ltd


1. Cornerstone Junior School- Mukono Limited

2. Lakeside Escape Limited

3. Kamwenge Community Development Project Limited

4. Coef Limited

5. Mr. David Mutebi

6. Jactor Enterprises Ltd

7. Promises Orimar Investment Co Limited

8. Asakawalo Enterprises Limited

9. Wilmart Coatings Limited

10. Lady Elizabeth Projects Limited


1. Kiwoko Hospital

2. Adara Development (Uganda)

3. Access Health Training Institute School Of Nursing And Midwifery (Ahtinum) Limited

4. I Bambini Di Antonio Limited

5. Kubah Oils Limited


1. Seohyun Foundation Uganda (SFU)

2. Bakurubyo General Enterprises Limited


1. Mr. Eliud Taabu


1. Agency For Accelerated Regional Development Limited

2. Pajur Alala Child Development Centre

3. Mr. Frank Ogwaro Jathwon

4. Nebbi Child Development Center

5. Nebbi Sub County Local Government


1. Ngora Co-Operative Savings And Credit Society Limited


1. Heed Enterprises Ltd

2. Tayebwa Health Products Ltd

3. Radio Ankole

4. Institute Of Health Promotion And Training Limited

5. Sap General Hardware And Contractors Limited

6. Datek Contractors Limited

7. Rubaare Child Development Center

8. Ruhaama Secondary School

9. Dr. William Nyehangane

10. Rukoni Sub-County Co-Operative Savings And Credit Society Limited


1. Kunmeg Enterprises Limited

2. Sky Centre Services Limited

3. The Board Of Governors’ Alero Senior Secondary School


1. Project Shelter Wakadogo Limited

2. Acet Child Development Centre

3. St Peters Bobi Child Development Centre


1. Mr. Patrick Amwonya


1. Pader Child Development Centre


1. Panyango Sub County Local Government


1. St. Stephen’s College Pallisa Limited


1. Kihanga Mparo Co-Operative Savings And Credit Society Limited

2. The Peace Centre


1. Bwangu Investments Limited

2. Global Emergency Care Collaborative

3. Buhunga Cooperative Savings And Credit Society Limited

4. Mr. Evaristo Banyenzaki

5. Nembabazi Bakey And Confectionery Limited

6. North Kigezi Diocese Co- Operative Savings And Credit Society

7. Mr. James Turyamubona

8. Mr. Christopher Turuhweire


1. Kabwohe Clinical Research Centre

2. Siva Trading Limited

3. Kigarama Farmers Sacco

4. Shuuku Town Council


1. Village Enterprise Fund

2. Bego Enterprises Limited

3. Doctors Plaza Soroti – Limited

4. The Children Of The Nile Foundation Ltd

5. Bethesda Hospital Soroti Limited

6. Halcyon Foundation Limited

7. Mr. Genason Ojinga

8. Mr Adengere Robert

9. Poonam Enterprises Limited

10. Mr Ogwang Archimedes


1. Water Compass Limited By Guarantee


1. Royline Logistics Limited

2. Heart For Children Limited

3. Nomenja Enterprises Limited

4. Khushi Impex (U) Limited

5. Swami Impex (U) Ltd

6. Ms. Alice Awori

7. Smit Mercantile Limited

8. Grocky’s Limited

9. Sofitel Guest House Tororo Limited

10. Autotec Motors Limited


1. UVRI-IAVI HIV Vaccine Program Ltd

2. East African Piling Company Limited

3. Oceanfreight (EA) Limited

4. Engineering Ministries International

5. Nsangi Clays Limited

6. Mukwano Tours Limited

7. Tropical Clearing And Forwarding Company Limited

8. Stone Holdings Limited

9. Dashell Investments Limited

10. Pop Oils (U) Limited


1. Peace Winds Japan

2. Odravu Secondary School

3. Abu-Mali Investments Uganda Limited


1. Radio Paidha Limited

2. Shahil Investments Limited

3. Determination Plus Enterprises Limited

4. Adusi Child Development Centre

Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

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