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FULL LIST: 105 Ugandans Selected To Benefit From $100m Tony Elumelu Foundation 2019 Entrepreneurship Programme

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), the leading African philanthropy committed to empowering African entrepreneurs Friday announced 3,050 African entrepreneurs, drawn from all 54 African countries, selected to join the 5th cycle of its $100million TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. 105 Ugandans have been selected to benefit from this year’s programme.

The announcement was made at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja, following a presentation of the selection process by Accenture Development Partners.

This year, over 216,000 applications were received, an increase from last year’s 151,000.

Nearly 90,000 were submitted by female entrepreneurs, an increase of 45%, illustrating the Foundation’s strategy to achieve greater gender balance.

The selected Entrepreneurs will each receive non-refundable $5,000 of seed capital, access to mentors, and a12 week business training programme, directly focused on the needs of African entrepreneurs.

On July26–27 2019, they will gather at the TEF Entrepreneurship Forum, the largest annual gathering of African entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship ecosystem on the continent.

TEF Founder, TonyO.Elumelu, CON, who celebrated his birthday on Friday, said: “Every year, we face an almost impossible task–to select 1,000 entrepreneurs, from the hundreds of thousands that apply. Our entrepreneurs are hungry to effect change. We know we are only scratching the surface, we see the depth of entrepreneurial talent, that all of us–government, business indeed African society, must harness to transform our economies and livelihoods. We must rally together to empower them and accelerate the change we want on the continent”.

In her speech, Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the wife of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, commended the Programme’s impact on the continent, charging the selected entrepreneurs to contribute to the advancement of the African continent.

“Indeed, I am confident that these Tony Elumelu entrepreneurs will inspire deep confidence and be of immense value not just to Nigeria but to the entire continent,” she said.

Below are Ugandans who have been selected to benefit from this programme

  1. Abasi Saadi (Manufacturing)
  2.  Matovu Mark Ssebijwenge, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  3. Adong Sylvia (Education And Training)
  4.  Monica Lenia , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  5. Akello Winfred Winfred (ICT)
  6.  Mpobusingye Jeanne Nyangoma (Healthcare)
  7. Akullu Costa Not Applicable, Fashion
  8. Mpyisi Rusita Caroline Constance Mbabazi, Education And Training
  9. Akwero Bongomin Emma Akwero, Haulage/ Logistics
  10. Mugerwa Richard, Education And Training
  11. Alwedo Linda Nancy, Fashion
  12. Muhimbwa Jacob , Education And Training
  13. Amanya Eve Bamwenda, Tourism/Hospitality
  14. Mulindwa Augustine , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  15. Amongi Vicky , Commercial/Retail
  16. Mupeyi Geofrey , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  17. Andrew Wagubi , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  18. Mushabe Dennis Kamishani, Education And Training
  19. Aol Diana , FMCG
  20. Mushaija Zacheus -, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  21. Atuhamize Yoram , Fashion
  22.  Diana Mutua, ICT
  23. Atwijuka Brendan Charles, ICT
  24. Mutungi Edgar , Commercial/Retail
  25. Baluku Godfrey , Education And Training
  26. Muwonge Patrick Marc, Manufacturing
  27. Bbosa Denis , Consulting
  28. Nabbosa Justine -, Healthcare
  29. Buryahika Frank Henrey, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  30. Naboreka Isabell -, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  31. Buyera John Bwogi, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  32. Nabukalu Juliet , Manufacturing
  33. Bwambale Erion , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  34. Nahibuli Doreen D, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  35. Bwanika Martin , Manufacturing
  36. Nakato Aisha Kasango, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  37. Charles Massa , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  38. Nakigozi Lilian , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  39. Christine Namubiru , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  40. Nakiriza Sharifah , Manufacturing
  41. Derick Galandi , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  42. Nakuwanda Sharon , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  43. Echiba Peter , Waste Management
  44. Namakula Shiba , Fashion
  45. Elinah Nanyombi , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  46. Namanda Shaluah , Fashion
  47. Elisha Ssemengo , Manufacturing
  48. Namazzi Hadijja , Manufacturing
  49. Eseeri Katusabe Dorah, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  50. Nambasa Judaya , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  51. Etiang Joseph , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  52. Nassar Mukasa Kiwanuka, FMCG
  53. Francis Okwir , FMCG
  54. Nemeyimana Vicent Nemvicx, Education And Training
  55. Gibbs Gerald , Manufacturing
  56. Nyachwo Teopista , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  57. Godfrey Ssenyonga , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  58. Nziza Pearl , Waste Management
  59. Hakim Kawanook , Professional Services
  60. Odayo Brenda , Construction
  61. Higenyi Joseph , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  62. Okello Samuel , Transportation
  63. Icila Andrew, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  64. Okiring Tolbert W, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  65. Igua Denis Edward, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  66. Okiru Fred , Manufacturing
  67. John Lutti , Energy/Power Generation
  68. Okodia Robert Na, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  69. Joseph Wanambwa Jose, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  70. Okoth Humphrey , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  71. Julius Kabagambe , Healthcare
  72. Okulei Boniface Boniface, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  73. Kabazzi Joseph , Energy/Power Generation
  74. Opiyo Morris Esther, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  75. Kabenge Rashid , Tourism/Hospitality
  76. Otengo Benjamin Harry, Commercial/Retail
  77. Kamanzi Shema , ICT
  78. Paul Tayebya , ICT
  79. Kamoga Stanley , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  80. Phillip Wamukota , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  81. Kamugyisha Franc , Waste Management
  82. Quraish Serwanja Mahmood, Healthcare
  83. Kastiro Malcolm Tony, Financial Services
  84. Samuel Kagimu L, Education And Training
  85. Kawala Agnes , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  86. Sebulime Davis Elisha, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  87. Kemigisha Tryphine , ICT
  88. Shamim Naluyima , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  89. Kemirembe Olivia , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  90. Singiza Simon Mukama, ICT
  91. Kidega George , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  92. Ssebuufu Ronald -, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  93. Kizito Brian , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  94. Ssempijja Noah Ns, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  95. Kobusingye Viola Melissa, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  96. Ssenyondo Denis , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  97. Korugendo Resty , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  98. Sserungyogi Henry , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  99. Kyalimpa Gerald , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  100. Tendo Isaac Scobey, Education And Training
  101. Lukoma Emmanuel Brian, Manufacturing
  102. Tukundane Robert , Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  103. Makumbi Abel , Healthcare
  104. Wanda Joseph Joseph, Agriculture (Agri-Business, Farming)
  105. Mary Walumini , Waste Management

To view full list of selected entrepreneurs from all he 54 African countries, click here.

Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

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