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Find Solutions For Flooding In Indigenous Knowledge – Geologist

Residents and leaders staying around River Nyamwamba in Kasese district need to be involved in developing and implementing solutions for the flooding of the river, according to Alex Binego Kwatampora ,the President of Geologist Society of Uganda.

Kwatampora argues that government has consistently made abortive interventions without involving the indigenous community who know the river and its behaviours better.

He says he is not satisfied with the current desilting process which sees recently constructed gabions washed away by a little increase in the water volumes.

Kwatampora argues that the government need to value the indigenous knowledge while making flood risk management strategies.

He notes that an effective flood risk management strategy making, and implementation require active participation of flood prone community leaders.

Kwatampora is also asking government to set up a full unit that can desilt the river periodically.

He said between 1950 and 1960, the Canadian firm, Falcon bridge which was mining cooper in Kilembe used to routinely desilt the river and no such flooding happened during their time until they pulled out in the 1970’s.

Patrick Samusangira representing Kyanjuki of Ward Two in the municipality,says it is unfortunate that both the contractor and government don’t involve local leaders and the population to guide on what interventions can work best were given what they have witnessed from the past.

Richard Bomera, the Bulembia division LCII chairperson revealed that flood prone community leaders participate only in the implementation stage of flood risk management strategies.

He adds that local officials can make a big difference simply by communicating the risks of flooding to their constituents.


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