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Financial Inclusion: More Financial Institutions Unveil Mobile Loan Products

Left – Right: Emmanuel Mukusike ,the General Manager Goldmine Finance, Allan Tayebwa – CEO Goldmine Finance(Centre) and Lugi Koni,the Marketing Advisor during the launch of the mobile loan product at their head office in Nakawa,Kampala.


Financial insinuations are increasingly launching mobile loan products so as to bring financial services closer to people. Almost all banks are offering mobile loan products and smaller lenders are following the same path. The latest is Goldmine Finance  that has launched a Mobile Loan product – a quick cash fix at the tip of your fingers.


The Goldmine Mobile Loan is a new initiative by Goldmine Finance aimed at bringing financial solutions closer to everyday people. It is a part of the Goldmine Finance company strategy to partner with individuals and employers to assist with salary loans through mobile loan technology. The web app provides an easy way for customers to manage their short-term liquidity needs, borrowing only the amount they need- up to 1,000,000 UGX.


Sometimes, the way life goes, we can easily find ourselves with ‘more month at the end of the money’ instead of the other way round. We know that with the rising fuel prices, commodity prices and others, several people will sometimes need some extra money to get by. We also totally understand that life can throw unexpected curveballs at you like medical emergencies and car trouble which need urgent attention and require some cash. As Goldmine Finance, we want to partner with you in those situations when you feel like you’re up against the wall.


This mobile loan feature has been built on simplicity and designed to be instant. It needs minimal to no documentation with the least processing time. Loan repayments will be made in one installment over a 30-day period from the time of borrowing. All loans will be guaranteed by the individual’s employer.


Goldmine Finance offers easy-to-use solutions to help our clients budget, save, spend and borrow carefully and confidently. Our understanding as a business is that people want the power to achieve financial freedom and stability and are seeking simple, clear solutions and advice to help them along the way. We want to showcase that we’re not just a money lending company but are willing to assist when needed and provide solutions to help people walk financially independent lives said Allan Tayebwa, CEO of Goldmine Finance.


“We’ve developed the app because in the microfinance industry overall, it is a priority to find better, faster, and more efficient means to reach new and existing markets. The impact of innovating and adapting to technology is an important driver in remaining top of mind in the ever-maturing microfinance industry” said Lungi Koni, Marketing Advisor at Goldmine Finance.



Features of the Goldmine Mobile Loan App/Feature


  • Quick processing
  • Straight forward application practice
  • Beneficial interest rates
  • No paperwork
  • Instant Funds (One can only borrow up to 33% of their net salary)
  • Flexibility for the usage of funds
  • Works like a salary advance.

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