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FDC Wants Presidential Candidates Who Get Over 10% Automatically Become MPs

The Presidential candidates who garner over 10% of the total vote in the presidential elections will automatically become MPs if a proposal by the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party to create Parliamentary seats for such candidates is passed and approved.

This was revealed by FDC officials led by the party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi (pictured) while appearing before the Legal committee of Parliament yesterday to present their opinions on the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2019.

The bill that proposes a raft of reforms is a private members bill drafted by the Ndorwa East MP, Wilfred Niwagaba.

The former leader of opposition in the 9th parliament Wafula Oguttu argues that the current system creates a situation where even a candidate who has garnered 49% of the vote loses out completely, which he says leaves a vast section of the population bitter and disenfranchised.

Amuriat also revealed that the party is calling for amendment of article 61 of the constitution to mandate the Electoral Commission to declare results in the presidential race at the constituency level, which he says will prevent the distortion of results while they are being relayed to the national tally center.

He claims the party has evidence of a parallel tally center during the last election where results were doctored before being forwarded to Namboole where the National Tally center was set up.

The FDC has also proposed amendment of article 60 of the constitution in order to create a National selection panel.

The party proposes that the panel will consist of five members, three commissioners from the public service and 2 Supreme Court judges. The purpose of this panel will be to invite applicants, short list and vet individuals to serve as commissioners on the electoral commission and other bodies. A list of nominees is then sent to the president for appointment.

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