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Fake Maize Seeds Irk Agago Farmers

Farmers in Agago district are complaining of persistent sales of counterfeit seeds in the district.

The complaints follow the arrest of traders from a market in Omot Sub-county, dealing in fake seeds.

Peter Okwera, a farmer in Juklebi village, Lirapalwo sub-county, said counterfeiting is done by fraudsters, who use the marked bags that had genuine seeds, to pack counterfeit seeds.

According to Okwera, the most counterfeited seed is DK 777 Hybrid maize, because many farmers are opting for it.   Okwera appeals to fellow farmers to always use agricultural extension workers in the sub-counties, to avoid losses arising from planting fake seeds.

Charles Okello Okidi, another victim of fake seeds, said maize seeds are the most counterfeited.

Okidi said the seed companies, after realizing that many farmers are demanding for a particular seed, buy any grains from the market, irrespective of quality, and pack them for sale.

Okidi said soya beans and sunflowers are also among the most counterfeited seeds. He tips farmers that the genuine seeds are always accompanied by a piece of paper put inside the bag of seeds.

Jimmy Komakech, an agricultural extension worker in Adilang sub-county advises farmers to stop buying seeds from open markets but from recognized seed stores.

Komakech also urged farmers to farmers to embrace modern farming practices, seeds selection, and soil testing, to improve their yields, even after buying high-quality seeds.


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