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EXPOSED: 50 Govt Agencies That Snubbed Taxpayers’ Accountability Week

The Government held Taxpayers’ Appreciation and Accountability Week 2018 from 26th to 28th September at Kololo Independence Grounds.

Spearheaded by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), The Taxpayer Appreciation week is a Government initiative started in 2017 where Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) come together to showcase the impact of the budgetary allocation to the communities.

“It also provides the visibility of Government achievements in the Financial Year which ultimately answers the question of accountability for the Tax revenue,” URA says, adding: “In addition, this platform is necessary for the public to provide dialogue and feedback to the MDAs. This in turn creates an opportunity for the public to appreciate the role of taxes and hence build a stronger compliance culture.”

However, a number of Ministries, Departments and Agencies didn’t participate in the Government Accountability week during the Taxpayers Appreciation Week 2018. These didn’t give any explanation for their failure to account to the public. MDAs that snubbed the event include;

  • Ministry of Energy
  • Electoral Commission
  • Mulago Hospital
  • Public Service Commission
  • Ministry of Works and Transport
  • Private Sector Foundation Uganda
  • Uganda National Chamber of Commerce
  • Uganda Tourism Board
  • PPDA
  • Ministry of Ethics and integrity
  • Bank of Uganda
  • Uganda Securities Exchange
  • Uganda Road Fund
  • Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • National Curriculum Devt center
  • National Medical Stores
  • Law Development centre
  • Public Service Commission
  • Vision Group
  • Government Citizen Interaction Centre
  • East African Development Bank
  • Uganda Service College
  • UMI
  • Kyambogo University
  • Rural Electrification Agency
  • Diary Development Authority
  • Uganda Railways Corporation
  • Equal opportunities Commission
  • Uganda AIDS Commission
  • Health Service Commission
  • Joint Medical Stores
  • Uganda Virus Research Institute
  • National and Regional Referral Hospitals (Mulago, Mbarara University Hospital etc)
  • Local Governments (Health facilities)
  • National Road safety Council

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