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EXCLUSIVE: Uganda’s Biggest Banks By Loans Advanced To Customers Named

Who are Uganda’s biggest lenders? This is exactly what you’re going to find in this article. According to 2018 commercial banks’ figures exclusively analysed by Business Focus,the 24 operating commercial banks in Uganda advanced Shs13.31 trillion in loans to customers, up from Shs11.89 trillion in 2017.

This represents a growth of 299.73%.

Like in most key performance parameters, Stanbic that is headed by Patrick Mweheire as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer also leads in loans advanced to customers. The bank lent out Shs2.5 trillion in 2018, up from Shs2.13 trillion. This represents a growth of 17.37%. It has 18.78% market share of the total industry loans.

In 2nd place is Centenary that is headed by Fabian Kasi as Managing Director.

The bank saw its loans increase by 15.04% to Shs1.53 trillion in 2018, up from Shs1.33 trillion recorded a year earlier.

Its market share under this category stands at 11.49%.

dfcu Bank comes third. Its loans advanced to customers grew by 4.51% to Shs1.39 trillion from Shs1.33 trillion. The bank is headed by Mathias Katamba as Managing Director.

Standard Chartered is in 4th place having seen its loans increase by 7.38% to Shs1.31 trillion in 2018, up from Shs1.22 trillion. Standard Chartered is headed by Albert Saltson as Managing Director.


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Barclays completes the top five biggest banks by loans. Its loans advanced to customers grew by 13.92% to Shs1.17 trillion, up from 1.027 trillion.

The top five banks control 59.34% market share under this category, leaving the 19 banks to share 40.66%.

Diamond Trust Bank is the 6th largest bank by loans.  Its loans advanced to customers reduced by 1.72% to Shs1.14 trillion in 2018, down from Shs1.16 trillion recorded a year earlier.

In 7th place is Bank of Baroda        that saw its loans advanced to customers increase by 22.81% to Shs757.18 billion in 2018, up from Shs616.57billion in 2017.

Equity Bank that lent out Shs699.78 billion in 2018 from Shs495.95 billion comes 8th while Housing Finance comes 9th. It lent out Shs511.63 billion from Shs455.1 billion.

Bank of Africa completes the top 10 biggest banks by loans advanced to customers. Its loans increased to Shs344.14 billion in 2018 from Shs320.37 billion recorded a year earlier.

The top 10 banks control 79.59% industry market share under this category.

From lower bottom table, ABC is the winner! The bank lent out Shs19.6billion in 2018 from Shs16.39 billion registered a year earlier.

Its market share is 0.15%.

From the bottom, it is followed by Cairo International Bank that saw its loans increase to Shs54.8 billion from Shs47.6 billion.

United Bank for Africa is 3rd from bottom. Its loans advanced to customers increased to Shs32.96 billion in 2018 from Shs27.56 billion in 2017.

4th from bottom is Guaranty Trust Bank  whose loans advanced to customers reduced  to Shs79.28 billion in 2018 from Shs72.3 billion in 2017.

Commercial Bank of Africa is 5th from bottom. Its loans increased to Shs85.85 billion from Shs71.8 billion.

Check the table below for more details about Uganda’s biggest banks by loans.

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