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Ex Ethics Minister: 4,000 Homos Lined Up For ‘Nyege Ngege’ Festival

In a shocking revelation, former Ethics Minister, Nsaba Buturo has said he has received information from ‘reliable sources’ that people behind ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival are working to recruit, facilitate and promote homosexuality in Uganda.

Raising a matter of national importance on the floor of Parliament, the Bufumbira East MP claimed that his informers intimated to him that the Nyege Nyege festival organizers (read MTN and sponsors)  had lined up over 4,000 homosexuals in what he described as an event that he had never seen before.

“It is also reported that a lot of unspeakable, despicable and detestable practices such as sex, men having sex with men, women having sex with women, sex with animals and all that will be on the show on the Ugandan soil,” Buturo said.

He  tasked Government to explain what it is doing about allegations of homosexuality that has rocked the festival.

The former Minister warned that failure by Government to halt Nyege Nyege event will likely see a lot of unrest spill over in Uganda.

“This is unprecedented, this isn’t acceptable. This moral evasion is one we shouldn’t take lightly simply because it has ramifications on our security, stability, unity and prosperity. And much of the unrest we see today has its roots on the external evasion that we are witnessing,” he said.

In response, Prime Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda revealed that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is investigating allegations of homosexuality in the upcoming Nyege Nyege Festival that is slated to take place this weekend in Jinja.

Buturo’s statement follows  a letter that was authored by Minister of Ethics, Fr. Simon Lokodo, who pleaded with Jeje Odong, the Minister of Internal Affairs to prevail over the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, to halt the festival after his office received information that the organizers had planned a massive gay parade.

In his 3rd September 2018 letter to Jeje, Lokodo pointed out that he had received credible information from religious leaders, opinion leaders and local authorities that the purpose of this festival in the last two years has been compromised to accommodate celebration and recruitment of young people into homosexuality and LGBT Movement.

“The underlying motive behind this heavily advertised event may compromise national integrity of our nation and put our citizens at deviant sexual immorality. I urge you to instruct the IGP to stop this event. I also propose we have a meeting with IGP, CID to discuss this matter further,” he said.

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