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Ex-BoU Boss Bagyenda’s MTN Mobile Money Account Details Leak

Former Bank of Uganda (BoU) Executive Director in charge of Supervision, Justine Bagyenda is not about to stop making news.

The latest is that her MTN Mobile Money account details have leaked indicating how wealthy she is.

According to Bagyenda’s MTN Mobile Money account details obtained by Business Focus, she has in the past three years ending 2017 transacted over Shs500m via this platform.

On average, she has been transacting Shs166m every year, making her one of the leading individual users of the platform.

Part of Bagyenda’s MTN Mobile Money Account details

The documents indicate that most of the transactions have been between her and a one Robert Muhumuza using their respective phone numbers (phone numbers withheld for security reasons).

Justine Bagyenda (C) having a light moment some time last year

In November last year, Bagyenda was thrown out of Parliament’s ICT Committee over failure by BoU to reign in on mobile money loans with hefty interests and failure to regulate the industry.

She was ordered to appear before the Committee with a comprehensive statement after she admitted that there was a ‘lacuna’ in regulating the flourishing mobile money industry.

It should be noted that Bagyenda’s bank account details leaked recently showing that she had over Shs20bn in two separate banks.

Bagyenda’s shocking wealth has become a public concern, with some alleging that some of her money could have been accumulated through money laundering and corruption.

GOLDEN WOMAN: Bagyenda’s Secret Multibillion Bank Accounts Leak

The Uganda Financial Intelligence Authority (UFIA) has already launched an investigation into  Bagyenda’s alleged illegitimate accumulation of wealth.

According to Sydney Asubo, the executive director of UFIA, they received information from an unnamed whistleblower who claimed that Bagyenda had “assets and finances” that do not correspond to “her earnings.”

It was after these allegations, according to Asubo, that the Authority decided to kick off an investigation after which they will share information with relevant law enforcement agencies to take action.

“… Whatever information we have we share it with law enforcement … we are still compiling information about the financial dealings of the director (Bagyenda) and then we have to verify that information,” Asubo said.

The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagonja also recently quizzed Bagyenda on how she (Bagyenda) amassed several assets in Kampala and lots of money that was exposed in different fixed deposited accounts in some banks in Uganda.





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