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Equity Bank Falls Short Of Apologizing In Statement On ‘Humiliated’ Ill Customer Brought To The Bank

Equity Bank Uganda has broken the silence on claims that it (the bank) humiliated its ailing customer who was brought to the Bank to withdraw his money but the financial institution dilly dallied on the life saving matter.

It is reported that the family wanted to transfer the patient (John Zabazungu) from Norvic Hospital to Nakasero Hospital but they had bills to clear first at Norvic before the patient could be released.

It is claimed that the family contacted Equity Bank but the managers refused to give out money to the family unless the ailing customer appeared before the bank in person.  The incident happened on Monday 12th August 12, 2019.

In a statement posted on its official website this evening, Equity Bank says they are in touch with the family.

“ We refer to a post that was made on social media yesterday about one of our customers who was brought to the banking hall from a hospital to perform a transaction. The predicament of our customer’s illness was brought to our attention, and in the process of finding a solution, the family brought him to the Bank,” the statement reads.

It adds: “We confirm that the Bank is in touch with the family. We value all our customers and we will always do everything within the law to ensure that we treat them with utmost dignity and respect. We wish our customer quick recovery.”

However, many of the bank’s followers (and customers) aren’t convinced with the statement the bank gave, with many saying the bank should have simply apologized.

Waneloba Raj Rogers said: “ Equity Bank, this is so low, with the intense of the situation that surrounded the circumstances, you owe your customers, me inclusive an explanation why the patient, who is also your client was treated in that manner, it not just coming here and telling us you are sorry and in touch with the family, why in the first place was the client denied access to his funds, if the client was denied medical attention By the hospital and he loses his life would the bank account for their actions, would you compensate that life? If there was lack of seriousness By the branch officers, what has been done? Don’t just tell us what, tell us the why, how.  We deserve better than this lame notice.”

Equity Bank Uganda is one of the fast growing banks in a market of 24 banks.

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