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Elections For Taxi Leaders To Cost Taxpayers Shs500m

Government through the Ministry of Works and Transport will spend Shs500m in organizing and conducting elections for leaders of taxis and buses.

This is part of the Shs1 trillion supplementary budget request that was tabled before Parliament’s Budget Committee by officials from the Ministry of Finance.

Among the other entities seeking supplementary funding are State House that wants Shs64.5bn for classified expenditure, Foreign Affairs Ministry wants Shs11bn for the payment of arrears for contribution to the African Union and other international organisations while the Ministry of Lands wants Shs13bn to cater for compensation of Project affected persons for Amuru Sugarcane project and the other Shs3Bn will be used to compensate ranch owners.

Additionally, the Ministry of Trade put in a supplementary request of Shs2.9bn tocater for compensation of Bugisu Cooperative Union, while National Medical Stores wants Shs20bn to pay for outstanding obligations for medicines supplied by CIPLA Quality Chemicals that was used to avert stock outs during the financial year 2017/2018.

The Uganda Prisons Services is seeking Shs16.9bn to cater for shortfall for prisoners’ food, beddings and uniforms.

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