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Education Ministry Says Schools Not Offering Quality

The Directorate of Education Standards at the Ministry of Education is calling upon all stake holders to play their part in providing quality education in the country.

According to the directorate, quality education is one that provides knowledge and development of skills of a learner.

Kedrace Turyagenda, Director Education Standards, says that today in an era where government is trying to promote literacy among all Ugandans, the quality of education has reduced because more emphasis has been put on passing exams.

“Today our system is interested in who passed how many students instead of what quality of learners are being pushed on to the next stage. We need to do something,” she says.

Turyagenda says that many students do not receive holistic education in the country which impairs their ability to make it in life.

According to Turyagenda, Uganda’s education standards were last of quality in the 1970s and 1980s when traditional schools that were supervised by government were the sole education providers in the country.

Turyagenda says that private schools are left to do what they want which has weakened the quality of education in the country. She explains that instead of teaching learners to learn, most private schools have turned education into a business to make money.


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