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Drug Resistant Ticks Puzzle Farmers in Ankole

Farmers in the Ankole are concerned about drug-resistant ticks which have affected their livestock.

The Blacklegged “Deer” Tick and Brown Dog Ticks remain a huge challenge for farmers in Kiruhura, Isingiro and Mbarara Districts. The ticks cause diseases like East Coast Fever and Boophilus decoloratus leading to death or reduction in milk production.

Petero Bagerize, a farmer in Masha Sub County says that they have failed to get the genuine acaricides to kill ticks. Bagerize, explains that he has resorted to spraying his cows every after two days because the ticks fall off after spraying but later attack the cows.

Amos Atukwase, Nakakoni Parish Councilor says the increase of ticks in the area is a concern that requires the intervention of veterinary authorities. He also says that some of the acaricides sold on the market are fake.

Emmanuel Kishe the Chairperson of Kiruhura Farmers Sustainability Association says farmers have resorted to using drugs meant for plants because they have tried all recommended tick drugs but they haven’t worked. The drugs are Ociramectin and Dudu.

He wants the government to sensitize farmers on different acaricides to use to fight the ticks.

James Okashaba a farmer in Sanga, Kiruhura District says that they have resorted to using cultural methods to fight the ticks.

Dr Jeanne Muhindo, the head of veterinary at National Drug Authority-NDA says they are aware of the ticks and their resistance. She attributes this to the farmers using the same pesticide over a long period.

She says that any area experiencing tick resistance should inform the district veterinary officers to pick samples and send them to the Laboratory for testing.

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