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Dr. Wambaka Earns Bugisu Cultural Role Over SFI Track Record

Dr. Kosea Wambaka is the chief organiser of the Umukhukha inauguration fete

 By Richard Kintu

Celebrated Ugandan global consultant and academic colossus, Dr. Kosea Wambaka (Phd) (Phd), is reveling in overflowing honor following noble recognition by his own community.

Reports coming from the Bugisu cultural establishment show that Wambaka has been named Director of Ceremonies in the Inzu ya Bamasaaba and heaped with the great privilege of organizing the inauguration ceremony of newly gazetted Umkhukha, Uweluukosi Jude mike Mudoma which is slated for next month (September 2023).


A native of Bugwagi village in Budadiri area of Bugisu, Wambaka — son of late elder Makwasi — earned a place among Bugisu’s ac academic folklore after he pierced his way through the educational roof to scoop 7 degrees including two PHDs, 4 masters degrees and a bachelor’s on top of 22 professional certificates. The feat not only made him Uganda’s most educated man but also invited him to the table of Africa’s most schooled giants.

The Africans say that a child who washes his hands shall dine with the elders. And indeed, with his academic success and illustrious career as a globally-acclaimed multi-discipline consultant, Wambaka left the elders of Bugisu with no choice other than inducting him into the Hall of Fame of Bugisu’s illustrious sons fit enough to inspire and mentor the coming generations.

On Monday August 21, the Bugisu cultural establishment— the Inzu ya Bamasaaba confirmed this induction by naming and appointing Dr. Wambaka among a dozen-strong team of eminent Bagisu who have since gained the right to advise the newly gazetted Umukhukha III, Uweluukosi Jude Mike Mudoma.

According to Inzu Spokesperson Steven Masiga, the Umukhukha will consult these noble sons and daughters of the Land of the Circumcised on a wide range of issues touching law, governance, and national cultural policy, among others; with the ultimate aim of achieving peaceful and developmental tenure of service for the new Umukhukha.

“The members above have strong terms of reference geared at arriving at an appropriate administrative and legal framework calculated at stamping certain vices that have militated against smooth running of our cultural institution,” Masiga said.

Masiga added that this team will help solicit ideas from all Bamasaaba both at home and abroad and then validate and harmonize these ideas to come up with good policies and leadership practices which will shape the attainment of a people-centred leadership style for the cultural institution.

“The office of the spokesperson encourages Bamasaaba to accord maximum respect to the team,” Masiga added. The team in question includes: Justice David Wangutusi (Chairperson), Dr. Isaac Shinyekwa, Hon. Dr. Irene Muloni Nafuna, Dr. Norah Madaya, Hon. Dr. John Faith Magolo, Dr. Masaba Charles, Mr. Musa Musimbi, Mr. Samuel Watulatsu, and Rev. James Kangala Khulosya. These are joined by a Kenyan representative, Counsel Masereje Richard and Dr. Dr. Kosea Wambaka.

Dr. Wambaka To Organize Umukhukha Inauguration

Having defied the odds with his educational exploits, Dr. Wambaka seems to have turned doing extraordinary things into his hobby. It is not surprising that from a humble boy deep in Bugwagi, he now heads Strategic Friends International (SFI), a Ugandan company of international repute with branches in New York and Hong Kong.

It is such international appeal which has given it a strong brand equity, making it perfect for multibillion solution-driven assignments.

Among these are consultancies and execution of the Source of the Nile Development Plan and Resettlement Action Plans and the Ugandan oil Refinery Project RAP, among others.


More Defiance

Before Wambaka was born, there was popular belief that a prophet is never respected in his own backyard. This is no more with Wambaka’s amazing fate-defying exploits. In a press release issued Monday to congratulate Dr. Wambaka upon his appointment, Inzu Spokesperson Steven Masiga revealed that the entire Bugisu respects its own son Wambaka as a gem in event management. As a result, the cultural institution has reached out to him to help in organizing a meticulous inauguration event for the Umukhukha III, Uweluukosi Mike Jude Mudoma.

According to Masiga, the Inzu zeroed on Wambaka’s enviable record of work under his Strategic Friends International as well as his longstanding support and enthusiasm on Bugisu matters to bestow this humongous responsibility upon his shoulders.

“Dr. Kosea Wambaka has worked closely with the government of Uganda on many signature projects like paying PAPs in Bunyoro under the oil pipeline and the Jinja Nile Bridge. Dr. Wambaka has been very supportive on issues of Bukuuka right from the time when we were still in the trenches. We find him a trusted cultural asset for the upcoming event,” read the Inzu’s statement of approval.

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