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Delayed Funding Slows Construction Of Kiira Motors Plant

The construction work at the Jinja based Kiira motors cooperation plant has slowed down because of delayed government funding. So far only Shillings 80billion out of the Shillings 143billion approved by the cabinet in 2018 for the construction work has been released.

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF business unit, the national enterprise cooperation – NEC is undertaking the works, which started in 2019. The project was expected to be ready by June 2020.

However, there have been delays for the purchase of essential construction materials due to the quarterly funding system making the project fall behind by 14 months.

Lt. Gen. James Mugira, the Managing Director NEC told journalists on Wednesday that they have attempted to engage the responsible authorities on exploring other financing models but haven’t received any reply.

Prof. Stevens Tickodri-Togboa, the Executive Chairperson of Kiira motors says that the project is 89% complete on the outer view. He, however, says that essential interior components are still pending.

Tickodri-Togboa says that they are liaising with responsible government agencies to revise the mode of funding so as to expedite the construction works and ensure that the project is completed and handed over before the end of this year.

Tickodri-Togboa stresses that there has been misinformation within the public domain as some individuals allege that the cooperation lacks the capacity to manufacture vehicles locally arguing that most of the essential parts required for the automotive industry are imported since local investors have not yet embraced the sector.

Tickodri-Togboa says that their team of engineers has designed a booklet containing detailed specifications of the 30,000 spare parts required in the construction of standard vehicles and they have since rallied capable members of the public to invest in the automotive sector so as to reduce the burden of importing materials that can be sourced locally.

Monica Musenero, the minister in charge of Science, Technology and innovation, says that she has formed a hub of engineers who will be mandated with the task of brainstorming on different ways of improving the automotive industry.

“This country has all sorts of engineers and is well endowed with several unexploited minerals, therefore, through this research hub, they will continuously brainstorm and devise better means of improving the automotive industry,” she says.


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