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COVID-19: Gov’t To Find Solution To Truck Drivers By Monday

The Minister of Finance, Matia Kasaija has told Parliament Government will update Ugandans on the new measures of handling truck drivers at borders by Monday in light of new COVID-19 cases being imported.

“There are diplomatic issues, there are Business issues. I want to assure this House that by Monday, we shall be able to come out and tell the country how this matter shall be sorted out. I can’t go into details, we are yet to consult many people including across the border, but the concern of Parliament is the concern of the Executive. We need to find a solution but without necessarily killing ourselves without knowing,” Kasaija said.

This is afterMarkson Oboth (West Budama County North) in Tororo district said that Ugandans at border district are vulnerable during the Coronovirus pandemic because the truck drivers have relatives at border who they interact with, relations that aren’t debatable.

Oboth called on Government to find ways of ensuring the truck drivers do not move until their status has been confirmed.

“We are at danger from the border of Busia, Malaba, Katuna. For how long shall we wait, can’t Government find a solution to have these truck drivers come and stay at a place, test them and let them go after knowing their results? Alternatively, can’t Government install rapid testing equipment in these places? We are endangering Ugandans,” said Oboth.

The Development comes at the time there has been increased uproar within Uganda, with calls to stop truck drivers from entering into Uganda after the Ministry of Health yesterday announced 11 new cases-all truck drivers from Tanzania and Kenya.

By the time President Yoweri Museveni announced 21 day lockdown extension, Uganda had 54 COVID19 cases and eight recoveries, but yesterday’s announcement pushed Uganda’s cases to 74 cases and 46 recoveries with all 20 new cases attributed to foreign truck drivers.

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