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Construction Of Shs 5 Billion Water System Stalls Due To Poor Design

The construction of a Shillings 5 billion water system in Moroto district has failed to kick start due to a poor design. On November 3rd, 2022, the Ministry of Water and Environment held a groundbreaking ceremony to kickstart the construction works by C & Gandijes construction limited at Kakingole village in Katikekile sub-county in Moroto district.

However, no work has started as the month comes to an end. Mark Lomogin, who acts as a translator told URN that the team has never returned to the ground since they left after the groundbreaking ceremony. “Now people are asking me the motive of the ministry of water officials, some community members think the government agenda was different from constructing water system,” he said.

Joseph Lokut, a resident said it’s not the first time government officials are going to their area for a groundbreaking ceremony and disappear for good. “We are used to our lives of sharing dirty water with animals in the river spring,” he said. Eng Gabriel Adii, the general manager of C&G Andijes construction limited blamed the delayed commencement of the works on the poor design.

“We can’t start work without a clear design like where to construct the water treating plant and how it’s supposed to be built,” he said. Johnson Opige, the manager of Karamoja large towns and Rural water supply in the Ministry of Water and Environment, however, said that does not stop the constructor from mobilizing materials such as sand, bricks, and pipes.

“What’s missing is just something small like the materials to be used for the water treatment plant, which we are already working on but that does not stop the contractor to start work maybe he wants advance payment and should come clear,” he said.

Residents of Kakingol share dirty water with wild animals in the river spring. Kakingol health center III has also been using sand to clean the delivery wards due to the lack of water at the facility. In most cases, expectant mothers and patients who go to seek health services at the health facility are made to fetch water from the spring, which is about 4 kilometers away for cleaning the facility before they are attended to.


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