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Community Renovates Catholic Church After Waiting For Museveni’s Pledge For 10 Years In Vain

St Mulumba Church in Idud Budaka district

The Catholic Community of St. Mulumba Church in Idudi parish in Nansanga sub-county in Budaka district has decided to renovate the roof of their church that was destroyed by the president’s chopper after waiting for his pledge for 10 years in vain. 

In 2011, President Museveni’s chopper blew off the roof of the church, rendering it very weak. Museveni, who was in the district for his presidential campaigns pledged to have the roof renovated. However, ten years later, the president is yet to fulfil his pledge.

Now, the church members say that after waiting for the president for this long to fulfil his pledge in vain, they decided to pool resources to carry out the needed renovations. 

Father Raymond Mukoyonzo, the Budaka Parish Priest, says that when he was transferred to the Parish, he found several letters authored by his predecessors reminding the president to fulfil his pledge to the church, in addition to various people following up with the president’s office, but nothing has come through. 

He said that the Christians got frustrated and decided to start working on the church but the works have been slow because of the financial constraints.

Budaka District LC V Chairperson, Emmanuel Pajje, says that the community expected the president to fix their church shortly after the incident but they have waited for ten years in vain. “Since then, we have been following up through the RDC’s office but the pledge is long overdue,” Pajje said recently while addressing Prime Minister Robina Nabbanja during the commissioning of the Kamonkoli-Pallisa road.

Peter Kidandya, a resident of Idudi Parish and a member of the church, says that although they have done some work including reroofing the church, more needs to be done and the president should intervene and fulfil his pledge. 

Kasolo Alex, the headteacher of Idud Primary School, which was founded by the said church, says that it has taken the community five years to restore the church.

Budaka Resident District commissioner, George Magunda says that he was not aware of the presidential pledge. He promised to inquire and get details on the matter before commenting. 

Recently, Sheikh Abdunor Imran Ssali, the third Deputy Imam of Gadaffi National Mosque at Old Kampala also asked Muslims to prepare and fund-raise for the renovation of the national mosque because of the failure by the Finance Minister, Matia Kasaija to release funds pledged by the president, Yoweri Museveni during the same campaigns. 

He explained that while visiting the Mosque during the campaign Museveni promised to support its renovation and even tabled the proposal before the cabinet, which approved it. Sheikh Ssali however, said that the Finance Ministry had failed to improve the directive, which left them no choice but to turn to Muslims for support.


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