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‘Catholic Bishop Tells Kenyans To Have More Children’

Kenyan news site Tuko reports that a Catholic bishop has called on Kenyans to have more than two children, blaming the media for discouraging people from having large families.

Bishop Norman King’oo Wambua of the eastern county of Bungoma reportedly told believers:

This propaganda of depicting a family as father, mother and two children must stop. It is just meant to discourage parents from having more children. I get disgusted when I see magazines posting photos of only four people as a family.

The cause of poverty in our country is mismanagement of available resources and corruption. The country needs a large population for prosperity, thus the need for parents to have more children.”

The average Kenyan household is made up of four people, according to 2014 data from the UN, and the fertility rate is 4.4 live births per woman.


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