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Businessman Sentongo Pardons 500 Tenants Of Segawa Market Rent Arrears For 3 Months

Businessman Haruna Sentongo

Kampala businessman, Haruna Sentongo has pardoned his tenants of Segawa market in Kisenyi, Mengo the rent arrears for the past 3 months for which they didn’t work because of the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Segawa Market accommodates 500 tenants.

The young budding businessman adds that those coming in as new tenants will also get 3 free months to give them a chance to settle in.

“In my opinion, we need each other to work; the tenants need the landlord and the landlord needs tenants. During hard times like we are facing now, we must understand,” Sentongo said, adding that the economic crisis has affected everyone.

 It is important to note that landlord-tenant relationship is key for the success of both parties.

Sentongo, the brain behind Haruna Enterprises, a real estate agency, perhaps understands that working with his tenants so that they succeed will also help him grow more.

 Sentongo as a landlord is using a business model that aims to empower tenants who occupy several of his malls, towers and markets in Kampala.

It is understood that Sentongo charges affordable rent fees and unlike many Kampala landlords, he charges in Local Currency.

It is worth noting that a number of landlords across the country have refused to pardon tenants rent arrears, arguing that government should first offer them tax waivers.

Taddewo William Senyonyi
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