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Brig Jackson Tushabe Bell Bows Out

UPDF officer, Brigadier Jackson Tushabe Bell has passed on according to reports.

R0079 Col .Jackson Tushabe Bell, breathed his last at Nakasero Hospital in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. It is not yet clear what he succumbed to but he had been recently hospitalized.

Bell who participated in the five year bush war that brought President Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986, previously served as UPDF 4th Division commander.

In the bush, Bell belonged to the dare devil category of commanders like Jet Mwebaze (RIP), Stanley Muhangi (RIP), Col. Patrick Lumumba (RIP) and Brig. Matayo Kyaligonza.

Last year, he was among officers promoted after his elevation from the rank of Lt Col to Brigadier.

His death comes barely a month after the demise of another bush war hero, Brig Kasirye Gwanga.

Rest well!

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