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Boda Boda Kills Former ISO Boss Teddy Cheeye

Former ISO economic monitoring director and Uganda confidential boss Teddy Ssezi cheeye is dead.

According to reports, Cheeye died after being hit by a boda boda as he crossed the road in Nakawa.

Teddy Ssezi Cheeye was in 2009 sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption and forgery. Cheeye rose to fame as Editor-in-Chief of the Uganda Confidential, a weekly newsletter known for its investigation into crime and fraud by government officials.

Despite his criticism against those in power, he was among the first people charged in the Anti-Corruption Court and went  down in history as the first victim of a heavy sentence for graft. The money, 110 million shillings, was to be used to monitor activities implemented under the Global Fund for Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS. He was released from prison late last year.




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