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Binance Celebrates International Literacy Day By Donating Funds Towards The ‘Lunch For Children’ Program In Uganda

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, celebrated International Literacy Day by donating BUSD to the Lunch for Children campaign in Uganda for every new user who signed up for the company’s Learn and Earn program. Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), the philanthropic arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange, launched the blockchain-enabled Lunch for Children campaign in 2019 to provide meals for school children in Uganda.

Through these donations, the blockchain giant continues to show its commitment to education by building a crypto literacy space for the community. As part of Binance Learn and Earn, users were able to earn free crypto whilst learning and building their blockchain knowledge.

Every user who signed up to learn about crypto helped contribute to providing food for children in schools in Uganda for the Lunch for Children campaign where Binance Charity has already helped to feed more than 6000 students and teachers across seven schools.

Each beneficiary was provided with the mobile crypto wallet, Trust Wallet account where they receive a daily crypto donation for their school lunches for a full year.

Binance’s contribution to crypto literacy in the region is especially important for Africans because the region’s interaction with crypto over the last few years has established some of its most important use cases and opportunities for greater financial inclusion. By promoting  crypto literacy, the company is cultivating the next generation of innovators and solution providers in Africa.

Overall, accessible knowledge for all is an important vision for Binance as blockchain and crypto offer tremendous potential for people passionate about the emerging technology. International Literacy Day provided the perfect opportunity for the company to go the extra mile to help children in Uganda  and in turn, encourage crypto literacy by establishing a conducive and rewarding learning environment.

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