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Bashaasha Tips Kampala Youth on Opportunities In NRM Manifesto

Bashaasha lecturing to the attentive youth leaders on Sunday

Manifesto Implementation Unit Director, Willis Bashaasha, has urged the youths in Kampala to seize the opportunities that the 2021-2026 manifesto presents so as to uplift their socio-economic wellbeing.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) boss made the call on Sunday while lecturing Kampala City youth leaders at the Scouts International Camping Site in Kaazi, Busaabala.

The youth leaders were drawn from all the five divisions of Kampala district to attend a mindset changing programme organized by the Patriotism Corps Secretariat at the Office of the President in partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). As one of the facilitators, Bashaasha lectured the youth leaders on the 2021-2026 Manifesto; specifically highlighting its implementation strategy, role of citizens, challenges and opportunities therein.

In his presentation, Bashaasha told these leaders that guided by the manifesto, the NRM government has designed very many programmes that present avenues for youth and general employment.

He however urged the youth to first tune their mindsets to optimism as that’s the only way through which they can be able to objectively identify the available opportunities and then seize and exploit them to better their lives.

“Life is like a blank cheque of opportunities and so it is upon each of us to choose what we take up. Unfortunately, while some youths choose to be optimistic and choose rightly, others go with the bad or decide to accept to be misled. But it is always important to know that it is during the youthful stage that one has to open up their mind to every opportunity because by then there’s time, energy and zeal to try out many things. So please avoid all the disruptive noises and remember that you have a patriotic duty to contribute to the general welfare of your country. This won’t be possible if you don’t first work on your mindset such that you discover how best you can use the available government structures to develop yourself first,” Bashaasha said.


He then advised the youth to put political beliefs aside and focus on exploiting the opportunities government has created.

“Right now we have poverty-eradication programmes like Emyooga and the Parish Development Model which are tailored to help all Ugandans uplift their livelihoods. I therefore urge you as leaders to go back and mobilize our youths all over Kampala to come on board; in fact, after this workshop I expect you to have identified the abundant opportunities which our people can take up,” he said.

The workshop was attended by over 200 youth leaders who will form part of the nucleus group to entrench a positive mindset among the youth.

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