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Banks On High Alert After Stanbic Staff Tests Positive For COVID-19

Stanbic Bank Uganda has revealed that its employee at William Street Branch has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently undergoing treatment.

“All exposed colleagues in the branch are undergoing tests and have been self-quarantined for 14 days,” the bank said in a statement dated August 25, 2020.

It added that while contact tracing and testing is underway, Stanbic William Street Branch has been temporarily closed to avoid any possible further spread of infection and will be reopened once we have performed enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols in accordance with standard operating procedures.

“Where  customers may  be  inconvenienced,  we encourage  you  to utilise our  digital  platforms  including internet banking,” the bank said.

The bank says it is working closely with  the  Ministry  of  Health  and  have  since  implemented  the  necessary  incident management protocols and provided the health care support to the affected member of staff under medical care.

“We  appeal  to  all  our  customers and  the  general  public  to  continue  practicing  the  right  precautionary measures and observe the SOP’s by the ministry of health to  curb  the  spread  of  infections, protect  our families and save lives,” the bank added.

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