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Amudat Residents Go Thirsty As Shs 1.9 Billion Water System Dries Up

Residents of Amudat town council in Amudat district of Karamoja sub-region have resumed sharing dirty water with animals after the system constructed by the ministry of water and environment under small and urban towns water supply drying up due to the scorching sunshine.

The system which was constructed, installed and connected to pipes at the cost of 1.9 billion shillings has dried up leaving the majority of people in Amudat with no option but to share dirty water with livestock.

Marry Chelain, one of the residents of Amudat said the system installed by the ministry and managed by Karamoja water umbrella organization dried up last month.

“We rushed to connect pipes to our homes thinking the water scarcity has now been sorted out but we didn’t know that this was just a joke,” she said.

Peter Apule, another resident said no one from the ministry has ever visited the town to cross-check what has gone wrong with the pump.

“We have been left to God’s mercy, we don’t have water and nobody from the ministry of water has come to tell us what has gone wrong with the system,” he said.

Mathew Ruto, another resident said the only water source left which is serving the entire town council is one borehole which is also now drying up.

“This borehole here serves people and animals day and night and am seeing the water level has also dropped from this borehole,” he said.

He noted that other families go and scoop water from the Kanyangareng sand river.

Grace Chepal, a village health teams -VHT officer said the current shortage of water in Amudat is likely to cause disease our break since families can’t keep hygiene.

Patrick Ocero, the manager of Karamoja water umbrella organization confirmed that the current pump has failed to supply water due to the high demand.

“We are setting up another pump which I am sure will meet the demand of the general public in Amudat,” he said.


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